Wendy at Daily Bell and Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand

Beware of the apparently well-paid army of “consensus engineer” operatives who have been assigned to engineer collective thinking. Walter Block defends the idea of “groupthink” as general concept as in describing a group of people that agree with each other. But in practice, the darker spirits try to get people used to thinking as they’re told while thinking they’re either thinking for themselves or just restating the obvious.

There’s a LinkedIn group that pushes for people to discuss what things are good for the “collective”. Pwah. Not even God pushes this, per se. Jesus’ parables like the Good Samaritan and the “rules” for treating your neighbor right, were about individual acts.

Jesus recognized the self-interest nature as something that made government inherently a thieving institution. In Matthew 17 he pointed out that the “kings of the earth” did not impose the tax burden on their own children, and so “the children [are] free”. That passage gets a lot less attention than the “render unto Caesar” passage. That “render” reply to the enemy Pharisees was to (a) expose them for their own scofflaw ways, and (b) remind all that Caesar is NOT above God!

Oh, and by the way, that “render” thing? That’s *radically* different than us Christians have been told by preachers, well-meaning as they were/are, and sincere. If it’s yours, then what right does a conquering imperialist Caesar have to take it? The answer should be obvious.


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