TALLAHASSEE: House Speaker Will Weatherford: expand school vouchers – Breaking News – MiamiHerald.com


Much better than vouchers are tax credits for anybody who puts their kid into a private school. That is one stupendous incentive to work like crazy to make sure you’re kid isn’t turned into just another illiterate zombi like the other kids in inner city schools, where administrators blame poverty, parents and not enough money (is it ever “enough”?) for the failures that the entire government-indoctrination complex has caused.

The union reacts predictably to vouchers. The Florida state Constitution includes a requirement to fund public schools. They have been funded for as long as anybody alive remembers, and no union boss can deny it, even though he tries to do a semantical shuffle to imply it.

But there is also no requirement that a parent has to send his child to a public school. If it were, most of the school administrators would be in violation, since they send their own children to private schools.

Those who make the law and those who administer the law can be counted on to exempt themselves from the law they subject the less powerful to, just like Jesus Christ said in Matthew 17 about who sets the taxes and who collects them.

Best thing of all is for government to get out of schooling altogether. You might be surprised at the things victims of educational fraud can do when they are free, even when they don’t like that freedom and prefer to be told what to do.


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