What I want

Bring the troops home from the 150 foreign countries where they’re stationed.

Audit the Fed so people can see what else they’ve done besides “printing” trillions of dollars to give away to the biggest banks of Wall Street and Europe and a few big corporations thrown in. That way they’ll get mad enough to demand an end to fiat currency failure.

Stop robbing people. You don’t have any right to rob your neighbor for any purpose, so you don’t have a right to vote for somebody else to do it, no matter what “good works” you think they can do with it.

The drug wars are killing tens of thousands everywhere, and creating a trillionaire contraband business for the worst and most brutal animals of the human kind, and doing much more damage than the drugs would do, so eliminate all laws that criminalize the private use of them.

Prescription drugs may even be causing more damage to health and deaths than the illegal ones, so repeal the FDA too.

The biggest threat to security in the history of mankind has always been governments, so let people arm themselves as a preventive measure against even more attacks against them.

Minimum wage destroys jobs, so let people make their own agreements as they see convenient for themselves, so the poor can gather a bit to maybe invest and become a Mom and Pop shop, another segment getting destroyed by stupid economic intrusion by the biggest gang with guns that demands protection money.

And about children in schools, and young people in college, set them free from the statist indoctrinations of state, and let parents decide freely how to raise their own children. There is eight times more child abuse in state custody than in parental custody.

Open up a true free trade, and abolish “protectionism” forever, as the only thing it does is make everything more expensive for all of us.

And for the sake of the poor of the world and everybody else, STOP THE NEW IMPERIALISM OF FOREGN AID RIGHT NOW! It only takes money from the poor in rich nations and gives it to the rich in poor nations, and it’s payoffs to presidents.

Get out of the UN. For everyone else, disband the UN.

Get government out of our bedrooms, out of our houses, out of our light bulbs, out of our supermarkets, out of our pockets, and out of our lives!


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