Al-Qaida Just won’t Go Away

Open letter to Eric Margolis:

Al-Qaida Just won’t Go Away

I agree with almost everything in this article.

The one exception is the mention of Egypt. As is obvious we agree, U.S. foreign policy is not what they tell us it is, and their are various layers and fairy tales mixed in with some of the truth.

With that in mind, it’s easy to take a facile look at a situation. AQ is the big bogeyman, yes, but then there is the Muslim Brotherhood that the “Son of Hamas” says is very much influential in the affairs of the Middle East and in fact, he says, for example, Hamas IS the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine/Israel.

The Son of Hamas is the son of one of the founders of Hamas and wrote a book by that name, and left Islam and became a Christian after his shock at the way Muslims in prison treated others and when he found a God of love in the Christian Bible.

The election in Egypt of a Muslim Brotherhood president reminded me of what happened in my wife’s country of Honduras in 2009.

BE NOT DECEIVED. Obama did NOT support the action of the Hondurans in their (constitutional) arrest of Manuel Zelaya in June 2009. Hillary Clinton called Roberto Micheletti and told him to resign, around the same time Hugo Chavez was offering him $3,000,000 to quit and give the country back to Zelaya.

The dictator Manuel Zelaya who was “elected” for sure (wink wink) in 2005, became a dictator in office, showing his true colors when he overtly refused to submit a budget (as constitutionally required) in November 2008, and then in 2009 when he took his sheep’s mask off and began the fraudulent plot to establish a lifetime presidency.

A friend of my wife’s family had a close relative in his cabinet, to whom Zelaya gave a million dollars and told he was going to be lifetime president.

THE WHOLE WORLD GOT IT WRONG ON HONDURAS, with the cooperation of the United States regime. The ambassador had endorsed Zelaya’s fraudulent plans to change their Constitution so he could be king, a vassal to the left-fascists of Latin America.

The CIA has done great evil everywhere, make no mistake, but if they spent one penny in ousting Zelaya in Honduras, they wasted it, because Hondurans did NOT want to become another Cuba.

And now they have invited people who were on Janet Napolitano’s bad guy list (remember that Fusion Centers list leaked out of Missouri and what candidate’s name was on it?) to help them pull out of poverty.

In Egypt, America is fast becoming an even worse byword because they see the United States supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. They do not want a Hamas regime in Egypt, I suspect.

“Democratically elected”? So was Obama, ey? So was Bush, ey? How about Hitler. Oh, yeah, Stalin too, and Saddam Hussein got 100% of the vote.




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