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Case Closed: New Flu Vaccine Worthless « Dr. Brownstein:

Tom Woods is challenging Mark Levin to a debate about nullification as a tool for freedom:

Mark Levin is selling a book with one of the lamest proposals in two centuries (20th and 21st) for stopping America’s race toward tyranny, his idea of some constitutional amendments enacted by a constitutional convention. “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America” is the book.

Three quarters of the states are not going to call for a convention before we are already owned by the soviets, or some cousin of them.

For a guy who complains about how all three branches of government violate the Constitution all the time, it is incredible that he proposes wasting time and resources on it and ignores the more practical and immediate tool of nullification.

There’s a bill proposed in California that makes more sense than most, according to most of them, and it is a bill that fits squarely in the middle of Tom Woods’ talks about nullification:

Jefferson Davis delivered a farewell speech to the Senate in which he explained why they were leaving the Union. One of the complaints of the South for which they seceded was that the NORTH was using nullification too much, in which they accused the NORTH of resisting FEDERAL U.S. laws (as unconstitutional).

So the states’ rights movement and use of nullification to support the Constitution against the federal government was used AGAINST the fugitive slave laws and for abolition.

Hitler hated states’ rights.

Oh, racial obsessives are so confused the criticize in both directions and contradict themselves.
Tamar Mowry:

West Virginia legislator wants to strike a blow for freedom and constitutionality:

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