Drug Wars

The Drug Wars: This excuse for a police state is killing us.

You can’t send more than $x to your family south of the border without getting a 3rd degree, recorded by the financial service under federal mandate (this is a violation of the 4th and 5th).

You can’t withdraw more than ten thousand without generating a report to the feds. More violations, lawbreaking by the lawmakers and executors.

The drug wars have created a beautiful market for the monstrous 18 and 13 gangs to get rich in the US and south of the border. Honduras has been on and off again as the world murder capital for two reasons: (1), Venezuela does not report crime statistics anymore, and (2), the drug wars.

At least there are Mexican citizens taking the criminal law into their own hands finally, arresting federal police for their criminal assistance to the cartels, and Detroit citizens are hiring private security. The criminalization of virtually everything has bankrupted us.

At least with Prohibition Americans realized that drugs were outside the federal government’s jurisdiction and they had to pass an amendment.

Americans are waking up to this. The marijuana legalization votes are citizen initiatives mostly precisely because police departments are getting rich off the drug wars.


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