WTO? – Where’s The Outrage

Protest in Hong-Kong against WTO on december 2005

Protest in Hong-Kong against WTO on december 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The need for “verbal economy” when texting and Tweeting have added instantly recognizable acronyms to our lexicons: TTFN, OMG and the ever popular WTF. While Contagious Apathy might slow things down, with your help “WTO” could quickly “go viral”!

WTO = Where’s The Outrage?

That question – along with appropriate head-scratching – has pundits stumped. The MSM Blow-Dried Set have appeared cautiously optimistic “ordinary citizens” Joe and Jane Sixpack, are not “mad as hell” at all; reports of pretty much non-existent. Even beat reporters are hesitant to report.


It’s not as if there isn’t a plethora of provocation:

Park Rangers ordered to “make life difficult for people” WTO?

Military base commissaries, independently operated, no government money – closed. WTO?

Privately owned businesses? Closed and forcibly closed. WTO?

National parks and monumentsclosed. WTO?

Vets blocked and removed from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall WTO?

WWII Vets stormed the Barrycades in their wheelchairs. Now there was some Outrage!

Close the ocean? Worth a try… WTO?

“For the children” Not so much. Amber Alert website – closed. Questionably beneficial Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move”? Open! WTO?

The list goes on ad nauseam. The transparent hypocrisy and vindictiveness of President Stompy Foot is on display for everyone across the country and around the world – but the Chinese, Japanese and French seem more concerned than Joe and Jane. Of course, our creditors have a serious stake in the up- coming “debt ceiling” debate and they wouldn’t want some trifling distractions like these to prioritize the Government’s attention away from their priorities – like getting paid.

So the travesties continue apace. Citizens are dissed. Businesses are harpooned. The Constitution, a mere tourist attraction. Oh wait! Sorry – that display is closed, just as the limits it once placed on Government are ignored.


During my weekly conversation, “Judging Freedom” with FOX Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, he said the absence of public outrage is how and why this administration does – and gets away with – what it does.


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