Crazy season

Hornets in China:

More breast cancer among young women:

When is the last time Christians did this?

Jesus Christ said to love your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you. People everywhere, including Muslims, are attracted to this idea of God actually loving us and forgiving all our sins.

Islamic militants cannot be stopped by invading their lands and bombing them. The love of Christ can win them.

Another example of why having judges play thought police is a really crazy idea:


The Dems changed the rules and bullied the unconstitutional law into passing, so any moral standing to criticize the Reps for using any tactic at hand to defund the law. Shut it down until they relent. If enough Repubs persist and do not back down, and let the so-called “deadline” come and go, and keep going, eventually all the factions that hate this job-killer poverty-making unconstitutional socialist legislation will start jumping on the bandwagon.

The Florida Democrat compared the Republican strategy — linking funds for the government with changes and delays to the health care law — to holding the economy hostage and playing chicken with the country’s economic stability.

“That’s totally and wholly irresponsible,” she said of the GOP’s strategy.

“Would you,” Wasserman Schultz added, “if you didn’t like the redesign of your kitchen — would you burn the whole house down? Or would you try to make modifications to the kitchen? These people have come unhinged.”

HEY DEBBIE! The economic house is ALREADY burning down and it’s because of the Fed and because of this criminal-level DEBT! Criminal-level because it adds dollars to circulation that dilute the value of the dollar bill in the pockets of the poor and middle-class, and moving that value to the ones who get the new money first (the big guys with connections in D.C.)

PLUS the federal government has already bucked past the so-called ceiling and is moving bits and bytes around on spreadsheets to pretend they haven’t. In fact refusing to return value for dollar when they got off the gold standard was a real bankruptcy.

These guys lie in certain phrases to hide the objections to the new standards:

Note the spin. The first paragraph aims to drive the reader to wonder if the demand is to stop the “doing hands-on projects and experiments”. Funny, real-world experimentation has absolutely ZERO objection from ANY creationist or designist I’ve ever heard of.

And the idea that there are scientists with all kinds of advanced degrees and as many as dozens of patents to their name object to stating Darwinian evolution as “established”, is a TRUE idea.

The new official standards put indoctrination into all grades starting at Kindergarten. Truly this is a tactic borrowed from Hitler’s idea of turning the next generation into little versions of himself.

John Sutter has found one place where the ice is melting!

Well, duh. Melts every summer, right? More asphalt means more temperature in the tiny Inupiat Eskimo community, right?

Did anybody suggest this investigative reporter visit Antarctica, where the ice is building, hello? Did he get a picture from above the North Pole, which clearly shows expansion?

Read here about the 29% growth of the Arctic ice cap:

· 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012

· BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013

Well, well, well… So Mr. Sutter visits one village on a small Alaskan island.

What’s more. Yacht owners and cruise ship companies had to turn back, when ice blocked them.

And now comes sociopathic plutocrat Paul Krugman, who carries the water for the Rockefellers and the Soros super-plutocrats of the world, and blames the outsider rich for their own sins and not parroting the insider club party line.

After all, Krugman promotes the welfare state, a concept borne out of oppressive states in the past and designed to keep the poor depending on the state, and at the same time promotes devaluation of the currency by inflation, which sucks from the poor to favor the rich.


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