The world laughs at American gullibility, has contempt not respect for Obama

As usual, most American press is feeding us a twisted picture of events in Egypt.

Morsi abandoned “democracy” in full, that’s why there was the demonstration. But the “left” and the “Democrats” are showing their fangs there and the fact that they do NOT want respect for individual rights. Easier to deal with a dictatorial regime than deal with people with freedoms.

This is Honduras redux, kind of, except more people are paying more attention. Morsi was a dictator worse than Mubarak. It’s now 70 churches –and counting– that have been burned down in Egypt –so far– with hardly a whisper from the usual government-media complex. How anybody can say the media is not synchronized by now and speaking from the same playbook is beyond me.

Morsi was elected, and many Egyptians are saying now by fraud. Maybe, maybe not. But the fact remains I am now convinced that not every land is ready for freedom. That’s why Ron Paul was not worried about having the best “campaign strategy” to win primary votes. He didn’t want a bandwagon effect, he was not out to (just) win an election (though almost all his followers pushed hard for it for real) — he said he wanted rather to “change history”. And he has.

Some Egyptians may understand in fact. The new military ruler right now broadcast a talk, and rebuked the Muslim Brotherhood by implication at least, saying if Allah refuses to force people to convert who are these guys who think they are more righteous than Allah!

Remember that next time you hear somebody say Muslims don’t speak out against the bad guys. Of course he’s protected, but lots of the Egyptians in the streets are not.

Egyptians are not the myth of leftist populist “people” fantasy that can’t wait for a socialist dictator to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Not all people are so stupid. They can see when an American president is meddling and interfering and supporting the demagogue, be he socialist are be he Islamist.

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