The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Major Terrorism Alert: Are They Crying ‘Wolf’?

Sounds like it to me, too.

This “terror warning” has all the attributes of a distraction to make the public forget about Edward Snowden and the criminal universal surveillance of all American citizens. They are now watching us with more coverage than George Orwell could have imagined.

What should we make of the latest worldwide US government terrorism threat warning? Amidst the dramatic — and well-covered in the mainstream media — shuttering of several US embassies for at least a day or so, Americans are suddenly told to be very afraid. The media is so excited by this dramatic story that they have seemingly forgotten all about the latest NSA spying revelations.

Troubling questions remain.

1) If this warning about a massive new al-Qaeda threat is to be taken at face value, how is it that after more than ten years of war this organization seems to be stronger than ever? What is motivating so many to join such an organization? Is it US foreign policy, drone strikes, or do they really just hate us for our freedoms?

2) Does it seem suspicious that just when NSA monitoring programs have come under fire we are told that this wiretapping has provided the US with this enormously valuable early warning of an impending attack of some sort?

It was that called the feds out on this illusionist trick:

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