Ethnic cleansing & Anti-Christian massacres– going on in Syria with USA help

Syria Militants Massacre Christian Village Population (Graphic Images) | Syria Report:

We have seen this before, with the annihilation of a town of 10,000 dark-skinned Africans in Tawarga: Do you remember all those reports of “friendly fire” when United States forces fired missiles into caravans of refugees escaping from Kosovo during that war, resulting in hundreds of deaths of civilians?

It was well-known at the time that the “NATO” forces (almost all US military) were throwing their fire onto targets that the KLA were “marking” for them, coordinates that KLA forces on the ground were giving them. The KLA just months before had been on the USA official list of terrorist organizations.

What was criminally under-reported by international media then was that these were not actually “mistakes”. The KLA officers knew that those targets were caravans of people who were not just civilians, but mostly CHRISTIANS who were trying to flee from Kosovo Liberation Army governed areas.

So the USA helped the terrorist organization become the government in Kosovo.

We also know that the USA helped the Muslim Brotherhood take power in Egypt, it was not all so spontaneous as reported, the same organization that is also Hamas in the Gaza strip, in southern “Palestine” (at the south end of “Israel”).

We also know that American Special Forces joined with smaller numbers of their counterparts from other European nations in Libya to wage a war that was unconstitutional for the USA, and aided and abetted the genocide there against their darker-skinned population, which had been treated with some fairness apparently under Gaddafi, who had won their loyalty.

We now know that the “rebels” in Libya had a habit of cutting crosses into the corpses of the blacks that they killed. We also know that the Libyan arsenals are now scattered into the hands of the rebels across North Africa that Obama’s State Department aided with even more heavy weapons that have joined the rest of them in al-Qaeda type criminal organizations. These are not “Muslims” per se, they are a Mafia meant to enforce their own hegemony, not a “consensus” caliphate. The Jesuits have their secret operations but apparently has not come close to the depravity of these “rebels”.

We also know that attention to the scandal of the week is turning attention away from the other scandals. It is difficult to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. That’s why the administration spokesmen are now talking about “metadata” instead of the practice of listening to any phone calls of Americans on whim. Don’t look there, look here.

That’s why the scandals all have to be put into the framework of the real problem. That is, citizens do not have control over their own lives or who is watching them.

We also know that the major international news agencies and the Powers-That-Be-Approved “mainstream” international media did a major cover-up of many of these facts, because they are real news. Why? I do not pretend to know the motivations of each one who might have decided not to make a story of it or mention it. It did get out to many, however, obviously, but through the alternative media, the “New Media”.

Now, a lot of us have lived with Muslims. “Preventive measures” are not necessary against a predicted evil, because then the warmongers win. I felt more rapport with a Muslim co-worker at one place, than I did the other co-workers. We both were good-natured in our conversations about our respective beliefs, and respected each other’s rights to say and do, and even tried to “convert” each other. Free speech is all about convincing somebody, so ALL laws against “proselytizing” are laws against dissenting from whoever is in power.

America is best off if she brings all her troops home from overseas, TODAY. One “executive order” would do it. Why aren’t ALL the leftists demanding this? Because all or most of them are FALSE FRONT organization meant to control the population in psy-operations. Started with Karl Marx. Not until recently did I realize the disconnect between (1) the rhetoric about the poor and the working class, and (2) the demand in the Communist Manifesto platform for a Central Bank in every nation in the world. That number two, is a demand that all nations’ economies, and currencies, be put into the hands of a few bankers.

We have to tell the warfare-welfare state that the gig is up, give it up already, we don’t like getting spied on, droned on, and we want the Constitution respected instead of “case law”, we want the governments out of our bedrooms, our living rooms, our light bulbs, our houses, our pocketbooks.



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5 Responses to “Ethnic cleansing & Anti-Christian massacres– going on in Syria with USA help”

  1. SFF Madman Says:

    You’ve made some interesting points, Trutherator. I just think you’re lumping all “leftists” together. I am leftist; or at least, I lean toward socialism (social democrat). But the socialism I speak of is not Stalinism, and it has evolved into many different forms since Karl Marx wrote his manifesto. There are many who point to Nazism as being socialist as well, because they called themselves “national socialists”; however, this was a smoke-screen, made evident by their alliance with fascist (corporatist) Italy. The basic premise of socialism is democratic. It is meant to put the power in the hands of the people who do the most work. It has rarely worked out that way in reality, unfortunately.

    As a leftist, I *do* say Obama needs to pull all the troops out. I have also corresponded with quite a few other leftists online, and they agree. The ones I know have nicknamed our president “Obomber,” because they thinks he’s just another warmonger, too. “Leftists” in mainstream media aren’t really leftists. The entire “two-party” system is a sham. Obama talks like a social democrat, but his actions prove otherwise. A real social democrat isn’t going to appoint Wall Street cronies to his cabinet.

  2. trutherator Says:

    The Chinese Communists moving toward “capitalism” that favors the state, stepwise, shows that it is a false dichotomy to say “national socialism” and “fascism” and “international socialism” are different.

    You should address the way I showed they were both cut from the same cloth, just different colors to fool the eye.

    The fact is that socialism does NOT put power in the “hands of the people that do the most work”, and that’s why it “rarely works out that way”. The only way you can dictate an economic or monetary policy that’s “fair” is to dictate one, even if you can fool the people into trusting you the dictator and thinking it’s what they wanted. It’s done with a combination of demagoguery and smoke and mirrors.

    My question was not “Where are the leftists” demanding that Obama live up to the promises to stop spying on us, ordering kills, and occupying the world, it was “Why are not ALL the leftists” demanding this.

    Freedom is not just political freedom, it’s economic freedom too. Letting the poor guy work as he himself sees fit, and do business as he sees fit, without government meddling, is the way to look at all this. Consider the poor. Socialism just creates a new ruling class, and a lot of its families are the same as before.

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

  3. trutherator Says:

    The Who on youtube with the song:

    The lyrics:

  4. SFF Madman Says:

    ‘My question was not “Where are the leftists” demanding that Obama live up to the promises to stop spying on us, ordering kills, and occupying the world, it was “Why are not ALL the leftists” demanding this.’

    That explains that. My mistake.

    But I would still say the only reason it rarely works that way is because of a few greedy people, just like what we have here. I agree, the end result is the same: oligarchy. The difference is that the U.S. oligarchy is all about profit, and that is the very definition of “fascism.” So I’m just saying that *by definition* socialism is the opposite of fascism.

  5. SFF Madman Says:

    I feel kind of sheepish about missing that “all” in there.

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