Found at Freedomworks: NSA Story Disrupting Left-Right Divide

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Marylan...

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ll learn a lot more in the coming weeks and months about Snowden’s motivations and the PRISM program, but what is clear is that this story has shaken up long-standing ideological categories and party allegiances. When self-identified leftists are accusing President Obama of violating the U.S. Constitution, there is a huge opportunity for the liberty movement.

The old guard in both parties want the NSA story to just go away, so they are trying to turn it into a personality-driven feeding frenzy. This early on, I have no idea if Snowden is a bad guy or a great guy. But the story isn’t about him—it’s about our rights.

If the 29-year-old leaker turns out to be the devil himself, I still wouldn’t want my government spying on Americans’ emails and phone calls. I’m indifferent to Snowden, but I am passionate about civil liberties.

I am glad that conservatives aren’t the only ones upset that Obama’s NSA is snooping on Americans while his IRS punishes political enemies. Party leaders should jump on this rare alliance of left and right to build a stronger coalition of Constitution-loving civil libertarians.

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One Response to “Found at Freedomworks: NSA Story Disrupting Left-Right Divide”

  1. trutherator Says:

    This isn’t about Snowden: It’s about the other traitors still in the room:

    “By believing their crimes to be gifts while demanding you be an accomplice to them by demanding your silence .In the meantime, their claim of knowing all convicts them of all, or do they think they would be immune to same rod being put to their backs that they have fashioned for ours?….

    “They are now accomplices to everything including the real possibility that all this spying provides an ancillary benefit a something of a gateway drug: To the harder drug of blackmail….

    “You see, one chief advantage of the Executive being able to spy on everyone, including Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Generals, CEO’s, of any party affiliation, etc., is that it’s easy to blackmail them into submission and obedience or get rid of them whenever you want.”

    As you think about just how much spying was and is reportedly going on, think back over the last 10 years or so and recall just how many high profile people in the Federal (and State) government suddenly lost their jobs, decided to step down, or not run for office again, and had their reputations destroyed over “leaked” personal information that was embarrassing, or made them vulnerable, or got them ostracized.

    It may help explain the behavior of those who are mysteriously (or maybe not so mysteriously?) currently and to your astonishment, defending the very system that they know for sure already spies on them, and most likely know has them blackmailed as well. It’s said that in organized crime circles, the point is made to extract your obedience through complicity – which is to simply make you an accomplice to the crimes they commit- so that if they go down, you go down with them.

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