I Warned You Years Ago: Gang of 8 Hiding National ID Card in Immigration Reform

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m very sorry to see my prediction from certainty come to pass:

Gang of 8 Hiding National ID Card in Immigration Reform

I had said they were squeezing the immigration “debate” for all it’s worth to stage a comeback for the national ID card. They tried it at the beginning of the Clinton administration as part of Hillary Clinton’s first medical industry nationalization attempt. “Rightists” and Republicans were instrumental in stopping that one.

But like they say, complaints about illegal immigration have degenerated into demands of e-Verify. But under the covers, having a national system for checking whether somebody has permission to work or now will have to cover citizens and has to include such an ID.

If they had wanted to stop employers hiring illegal aliens, they could have done it in one week in this country. It’s not hard. The FBI has no problem at all finding all kinds of people who are willing to listen to FBI plots to blow things away, that they then arrest for nodding their heads yes…

Your papers, please:

While his son, Senator Rand Paul, has taken most of the national spotlight away from his father, Ron Paul has not stopped advancing his “Campaign for Liberty.” Ron Paul and his supporters have built up a massive database of “liberty loving” supporters since the organization launched in 2008, following his second unsuccessful campaign for the Presidency. And today, he is robo-calling his supporters to sign a petition against the inclusion of a National ID card in immigration reform negotiations. From the petition:

Right now, freedom-stealing Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), banding together with other statists from both parties, are scheming to sneak a massive power grab into a new “immigration reform” bill.

If passed, it would require every American to obtain a National ID card to work legally in the U.S. – and you can bet it will be only a matter of time until they’re required even for simple purchases.


Ron Paul calls the current proposals “by far the worst national ID card the statists have come up with yet.” And he blames the “Gang of 8,” which includes Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Chuck Schumer, for working with Obama to “sneak a national ID” into an immigration reform bill. ”A statist’s dream,” Paul decries.

According to Paul, the national ID would create a new federal database with biometric information on all citizens and those who work within the United States. He claims that, in short time, it would be illegal for anyone to have a job without an ID card. “Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government will know…[and] once the government bureaucrats know exactly how we run our lives, they will try and control them.”

He warns that “the government will know what you eat, drink, and read. Once they know this information, they will regulate everything” from your food to your education, depriving us of our freedom. Issues like amnesty are just being used as cover. The National ID is what the “statists” really want.

Hah, not even the ACLU wants this one. Maybe they’re afraid Michael Savage will pull off something… Except they don’t care about gun confiscation, since they say that the Second Amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights that protects the government from the people instead of the people from the government… Bridge in Brooklyn for sale, right…


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