Just How Fascist Is the US?

Big Three at the Potsdam Conference in Germany...

Big Three at the Potsdam Conference in Germany: Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Harry S. Truman and Generalissimo Josef Stalin, seated in garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jack D. Douglas penned an interesting article listing 10 core factors of fascism. You might call them “markers”.

Just How Fascist Is the US?:

The first three:

1. A hardcore, totalitarian party masquerading as the people’s party, but secretly working totally with the rich and powerful corporations, uniting them under the party. [Fascism, unlike
communism and other forms of socialism and so on, is above all
a corporatist form of totalitarianism.]

2. Stroking mass vanity with big lies – “Germany over all,” “America is the greatest nation in the world.” And mass greed and lust for power with utopian promises of free money and endless prosperity and great conquests over nature and nations

3. Infiltration secretly by the party of all major institutions at the top by secret take-overs, threats, bribes, co-option, etc.

I did have something to add to his number 10:

10. Foreigners, racial or religious or party groups or others used as “evil and secret witches” to stoke terror and blood lust for wars, used as threats and as conquests to fuel vanity and hubris. [Germany and the US. Used the “communists” as
witches to inspire terror and hate and blood lust in their
early rise to power, then used religious-race groups, foreign
enemies, drug fiends destroying the nation, etc.]

Just a comment about #10. You mentioned the anti-communist bugaboo in their propaganda set. But today, the bugaboo has been transformed magically, through Groupthink, into a threat by capitalism, aka “corporations”, to pollute the air again, cook the earth into cinders, rob everything you have by selling you stuff. That way corporations are subsumed into the corporate-government-media complex and bullied into staying on the plantation.

The other big “threat” they use to scare the apathetic and indifferent public into obedience is Christianity. The state rules over religions. They want to make the world safe for the elimination of religions, because religious individuals are among the strongest resisters to blind total obedience. Whatever else you think of religious faith.

But note the subtle difference in the treatment of the three major monotheistic faiths. It seems like official policy out of D.C. treats Christians as the threat but Jews and Muslims are given a pass. Oh yes, and suppression of Christian faith. This was major policy in both Hitler’s Germany and in Stalin’s Russia, was to pick fights they could win of the state over Christianity. Teutonic paganism trumped up in Germany, atheism in Russia (with subtle mixes in their media of pro-communist spirituality, manifest in some of their movies that I watched during the Cold War era).

Note that the example of China’s “stepwise” introduction of limited capitalistic structures shows us that there is really no difference at all in essence between government-enforced “socialism” and “communism”, as we know them today. Both are all about enforcing as much control and conformity as possible on the populace, whether the nominal title of ownership says “the state” or not.

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6 Responses to “Just How Fascist Is the US?”

  1. jkmhoffman Says:

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  2. chrispiikz Says:

    Even though I don’t disagree completely with the main points, I see some problems:
    1. “The government” is not just one entity working in the same way all the time. In “American Fascists” (by Chris Hedges) that point is made vividly clear: Christianity would be a driving force for a modern fascism, not an obstacle. Though that only applies to certain areas of the US, possibly some minor parts of Europe. In other parts it might (maybe would) support free thinking.
    2. Hitler cooperated with the Church quite a long way, as far as I remember both agreed that the church can preach what they want inside the church, everything outside is HItlers territory. This actually goes back a long way, Martin Luther himself dictated that a christian can interpret the bible in any way he wants, but he has to do what the king/monarch/feudal lord tells him.
    3. “Communism” is a final state envisioned by marx, which never came into existence. It is practically the same as the Christian believe of the paradise on earth, a perfect state that cannot be reached. For socialism: It absolutely can be a dreadful weapon, and thinking of how much power even a social democracy brings to the state, I agree to some point there. However, in limits socialism brings far greater benefits than costs (feeding the poor, supporting environmental movements, public education) but that power needs to be in good hands!

    liked the article though!

  3. trutherator Says:

    1.This comparison to “fascism” is meant as the trend, not everything every way. Same as Hitler’s regime also did not work “in the same way all the time” either. The tendency was toward more control.
    2. Hitler didn’t cooperate with “the Church”, and while most of “the Church” went along with it, the true Christians that obey God rather than man fought the regime. And remember Schindler was NOT the only one who hid Christians. The scene in “The Sound of Music” rightly portrayed the fact that many Roman Catholic clergy and orders actively hid Jews and dissidents. The Pope was named a “righteous Gentile” by the Jewish rabbis after the war. Beinhoffer blasted them. Here again, the bad Christians are used to smear the name of Christ. Ungrateful Holocaust Museum blames Christians, whereas MILLIONS of Christians gave their lives to stop the madman.

    3. I used to be a socialist remember and I very much know what Karl Marx *said* about the state “fading away” after the proletariat was educated. Baloney. Socialism does NOT meet your cost-benefit ratio, which is predicated itself on the faulty premise that the morality is based on a “collective”. The “good hands” fails at the starting gate because socialism by definition has to STEAL from somebody for its so-called “benefits”.

    Central planning in ANY measure has been disastrous for “feeding the poor, supporting environmental movements, public education”.

    THE POOR of the world are starving from all that “foreign aid” (see Dambisa Moyo). The main reason Hillary did not want to cut aid to Honduras was they don’t want it to get out that nations are better off without it, I’m sure. FDR’s “New Deal”, gold confiscation, with the Fed, kept the Great Depression going until war took 18 million men out of the labor market, LBJ’s “Great Society” has become the “Great Decay” and done nothing for the poor except to make more of them.

    ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENTS is another example of the Ministry of Truth is Lies (a la 1984) in the tradition of “racial purity” “science”, and Stalinist Lysenko science. Evidence that a dictatorship would never fade away, that they will always revise history and science to keep power. Climate-gate and now 15 years of undisputed Global Cooling should teach us something.

    And EDUCATION?! Are you kidding me? Government indoctrination centers teach obedience to the powers that be, no questions asked. They teach the current top-down view of the world. It’s the WORST thing that has happened to Western Civilization, a Trojan Horse. Homeschooled kids do the BEST, religious private schools next best, then private schools, and dead LAST are the government indoctrination centers we call “public schools”.

    Socialism starts with STEALING. There is no other way to redistribute wealth, and there is NO moral basis for that.

    Better to do like Ron Paul did. He took in ALL Medicaid and Medicare patients in his practice, FREE OF CHARGE. The Catholic hospital he worked at before also tended to people irregardless of “ability to pay”. Leave it to volunteers. If you think the poor need more help, HELP them. Robbing your neighbor for the other neighbor is NOT a good cause.

  4. chrispiikz Says:

    1. Yes, the tendency is towards more control, but the point is with what means, and that differs in every part of the globe, or if you will in the US of A. Claiming that “religious individuals are among the strongest resisters to blind total obedience” is way too much of an oversimplification. If you go further back in history, all kinds of groups could be called that.
    2. I do not know how you differentiate between “true” christians and “untrue” Christians, but at Hitlers time, both groups claimed they were(not only the catholic ones). Good chance that the church was the main gatherer for resistance (as they were during GDR), but millions is a bit too much of a high number.
    Also, if we leave Germany and go to Mussolinis Italy, he did rely heavily on Christianity and the old folklore nonsense, and if I remember right, Salazar and Franco kept close ties with the church. Hitler and Stalin were not the only dictators at their time.
    3. I am not talking about that kind of socialism! Since the start of the industrial era, the workers condition was terribly bad, they were uneducated, unhealthy, poor and exploited to the utmost. The left movement that came out of that was very successful in improving these situations.
    I am not going to defend FDR, LBJ, or foreign aid, these are fields were government action went terribly wrong.
    though, environmentalism is not just about climate change. Rivers disappearing, so do lakes, the soil is eroding, forests disappear, animal species go extinct on a massive scale etc., that problem is massive and a free market will not solve it at all.
    For schools, I do not know numbers on who does the best in the USA, good chance homeschooled kids to the best. Though, most parents cannot afford that, nor private schools. I only know the quality of Christian schools in Europe (and lots of hearsay about christian schools in the US), and that is very mixed. Even if public schools have massive problems (which was never debated), for many it is either that or nothing.

    Saying that socialism is stealing is problematic, because every government intervention at some point is stealing. Take Rothbard (a hero of the austrian school of economics), he says taxes are stealing. If you want a viable state, then you need some kind of “stealing”, and on a personal note, I see very few problems “stealing” from those who gamble in the biggest casino on earth (financial markets) or those who are so ridiculously rich, that they could feed entire countries with their money… I agree, redistributing wealth has to start with stealing, but even wealth has to start with stealing, or exploitation. Where do you think surplus value comes from? Socialist stealing has as little moral foundation as “free” wealth (or however you desire calling it).

    Again, state action is necessary, but it really needs to be tightly monitored! I agree with you on many points, but abandoning the state simply is unrealistic.

  5. dep0828 Says:

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  6. trutherator Says:

    To chrispiikz: We need to reply to the point made, not something else.

    1. You’re right that ” religious individuals are among the strongest resisters to blind total obedience” is an oversimplification, obviously. One can get only so many words in a blog without covering all exceptions and parenthetical considerations.

    It is also “way too much of an oversimplification” to say “way too much”. One qualification is that it has been true believing Christians that have been the best enemies of tyranny and government over-reach.

    But there is a reason Karl Marx declared war on all religions.

    2. So you don’t know how to differentiate between “true” Christians and “untrue” Christians? Let me help. In a word, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”. Who actually obeys Christ’s commandment to “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you”?

    The Inquisition is always held up in our upside-down world as being examples of bad Christianity. But that was a regime, remember, that like the Communist dictatorships everywhere, murdered you brutally if you dared to so much as *read* the Bible! What kind of “Christian” is that?!*

    The ones that obeyed Hitler obviously did not follow this teaching. You get fruits like Beinhoffer and many others who loudly opposed Hitler. These were people who did NOT blindly follow whatever their government propagandists told them. We are getting the same propaganda today. “Trust us, we’re the government and we’ll keep you safe”.

    The list of the fascist dictators is useless for the point. Hitler HATED Christianity, called it the “bastard child of Judaism”, and pledged to eradicate it. Franco got along with it and persecuted true Christians.

    But put their victims up against the officially atheist regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. The atheist dictatorships and leftist “guerrillas” wiped out many times more than the fascists of Europe and South America.

    But that is still besides the point. Blaming religious believers for the world’s problems is like blaming both Cain and Abel for Abel’s death. It’s like blaming you and your evil cousin both for what your evil cousin did, just for carrying the same name..

    As to FDR, LBJ, and foreign aid, the reason they “went terribly wrong” is that governments are incapable of restraining themselves. They are populated by human beings. Government intervention into what people want to do has a built-in self-destruct clock. Prohibition didn’t work. Soviet workers did not get enthusiastic about building up the “workers’ paradise”. They hated it and alcoholism became an escape. Besides eliminating dissidents, for the ones who had power.

    If a free market won’t “save the environment” in our rulers’ view, it’s because the free market doesn’t believe it. So instead of convincing us of fast-looming phantom disasters with trustworthy science, they play up official pronouncements made by science pimps paid by them to find ways to say it’s happening.

    Things like Climate-gate, and nearly fifteen years of global cooling (and counting) does not help the argument, which was so groundless to start with that Michael Crichton was able to turn an audience in little more than an hour. It doesn’t help when the major spokesmen for the meme buy beachfront houses in places they say will soon be underwater.

    Most parents cannot afford private schools, in part because of the distortions caused by government regulations and rules. But it’s mostly because government robs so much out of the private sector. Besides, if you want to improve education for those poor, you can take HALF that money per student spent on the GOVERNMENT indoctrination centers, and let the parents use it to put their kids in a school of heir choice, because that’s what private schools in America spend per student.

    Parents across the nation are trying to do exactly that, in fact.

    You mention the “stealing” in the financial markets, the real problem is that “capitalists” like Bush (who expanded the welfare state more than any other president since FDR) and “socialists” like Obama that complain about Wall Street, they both pushed for the biggest theft on behalf of Wall Street in the history of America.

    And half of Wall Street literally broke the law. This is what I mean by saying government by nature corrupts. In the way you think of with corporations.


    And who said we need a “viable state”? We don’t need ANY stealing. I don’t have any “right” to steal your stuff just because you have more than I do, even if I can rally a gang to do it or even if I can rally enough followers to elect me redistribution chief. A thief is a thief is a thief.

    In any case, the free market is historically proven to be the biggest prosperity engine and best things that happens to the poor. Allende’s dictatorship in Chile wrecked their economy, free market principles made it the most prosperous nation in Latin America! Marxists blame foreign corporate interests for the ruin, but when the state took over the Anaconda copper mines and ran it directly, miners’ accidents skyrocketed, and instead of paying taxes, the socialist Allende government had to subsidize it by robbing business elsewhere.

    Advocates of stealing from the rich to redistribute always object to others stealing from them. Taking what is yours by force without you offering it voluntarily is stealing. Average out per capita annual incomes and most socialists would have to give half of their own stuff to about a hundred kids in Haiti. The Obama regime has proven that it doesn’t stop with the rich. They have gone already from raising taxes on the rich to raising taxes on the poor.

    In another example, Obama’s Unaffordable Unhealthy Act has proven to be the biggest and most “regressive” tax on the poor, ever. Idyllic language does not translate into practice.

    “The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money”.

    Abandoning the state in one day is unrealistic. But we gotta get started.

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