How the very worst bad guys can get guns, the truth

The FBI Reports Military Gang Members Are Funneling Heavy Weapons To The Streets – Business Insider:

The FBI report mentions gang members are acquiring rifles, grenades, artillery rounds, and body armor.

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Does any law enforcement officer that has not sold out the truth to his career advancement, really and truly think that banning this gun or that gun will stop the worst bad guys from getting the worst kind of weapons?

Besides the fact that the worst mass murderers of all of history have been governments, anything the military forces have not only the potential for getting into the black market, they already are getting sold outside any legal scrutiny.

Who will protect you from a government that turns on you? Maybe I should say “when” it turns on you? Already on the leaked Janet Napolitano “fusion centers” enemies list are supporters of Ron Paul, anybody who talks too much about the Constitution, anybody who complains too much about the government. It is no longer even a “secret” list like Nixon’s.

I wonder why they are giving this report publicity at this time. Maybe it’s an excuse for a cover for some arms confiscation dragnet, to get us –the people– to get used to the idea, or maybe to try to scare the public into demanding more gun confiscations.

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