About Obama’s Sequester Warnings

Proclaim it: Obama is threatening the public with his warnings about the “sequester”.

Proclaim this: If the “sequester” goes into effect, the federal government will still have more money to spend than it did the year before. Got that? The “sequester” means the federal government will actually still SPEND MORE MONEY. Repeat it again: “Sequester” is an INCREASE in MONEY the federal government SPENDS.

That’s because these are not “real” cuts like the public thinks of them. They are only reductions in the increases.

OBAMA has complete discretion in how he applies the cuts everywhere they apply. He does not have to delay social security (–Hey, they told us Social Security was in a “lockbox”??!–), he can apply those budget cuts to where it will NOT inconvenience the public.

Watch this youtube of Andrew Napolitano’s explanation:

Obama was already threatening the public with reductions in the FAA. And now Obama’s union friends in the Air Traffic Controllers Union have answered his call and threatened to go on strike and make traveling by air even worse.

Remember what Ronald Reagan did with the controller’s union strike. He fired the whole lot of them. Why would they allow them to threaten the public anyway?

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  1. We The People | beenetworknews Says:

    […] About Obama’s Sequester Warnings (trutherator.wordpress.com) […]

  2. trutherator Says:

    The “sequester” is still NOT A CUT in spending. It’s a cut in their future budget. “The emperor has no clothes”. Jesus said, after him exposing the lies and telling the truth, “the have no cloak for their sin”.

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