Christians getting abortions


I saw your post on about Christians getting abortions and I wholeheartedly agree with it:

That’s one big deal. Of course the Establishment gets in the way everywhere.

That was the idea with Roe v Wade I think, and why they did not instead do what ACLU-alumnus Ruth Bader Ginzburg wished afterward, that they had instead gone state by state and built momentum for abortion first. I think that’s what they’ve done with the gay “rights” thing. It was like they flipped a switch and started with the 1992 presidential campaign. Stories appeared in Sunday papers and long daily series in newspapers across the country about how abused the “gay community” was. (Never mind they were already way above average in salaries, professional status, management, neighborhood quality, and dominating the CIA operatives ranks).

In my frequent library visits and reading papers from around the country, this pattern was something to see. It was just like a command had gone out from some dark corner somewhere, and the result was this repeat across the country.

That campaign, just like Roe v Wade, was meant to corrupt the culture of the body politic.

Christians, atheists, and the ones who don’t care about all that would now be “free” to get a prenatal infanticide treatment at their convenience and at the behest and demand of the men in their life –such as Christian fathers who don’t want that kind of shame on their families.

Their idea was to make it easier to generate numbers of women who had secretly “gotten rid of” their babies and this would take a lot of the steam out of the reaction. This is why the women of Silent No More are so important to changing the narrative about prenatal infanticide. Making sure that women like the Roe of Roe v Wade understand that forgiveness awaits them. They are a good counterweight.

My wife was successful in stopping one mother from compelling her daughter in college from getting an abortion. She was working for the family at the time but her demands on her own performance and her integrity won the highest respect from them. She told her boss that the daughter was not going to get an abortion… and helped the family through it including the quick marriage.

It reminds me of what the slave owners in the old South did when their daughters got pregnant from one of their slaves. They would hide the daughter away, and that child would not live, or it might be “given” to the father’s family. The pressure was to eliminate the shame, though, along with any possible future moral claims on the daughter.

Abortion is one the decline in the USA, even more among the younger generation I think, and that’s why they have to push it so much and use the Doublespeak vocabulary.

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