A long list of school shootings and the shooters’ psychotropic drugs

Cover of "Conspiracy Theory (Keepcase)"

Cover of Conspiracy Theory (Keepcase)

I came across a very interesting and very long list of school shootings in a chart that also shows the psychotropic drugs associated with them:

School Shootings List « adventlife:

The drugs were a big part of the plot in the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson. The main bad guy in the movie, played by Patrick Stewart, used them to keep the confused hero under control and disconnected.


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2 Responses to “A long list of school shootings and the shooters’ psychotropic drugs”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I’m not sure I believe the drug had as much to do with the shootings as the fact that these people obviously had a larger mental issue than plain depression and it wasn’t being treated properly. Not saying the drug theory is wrong; just looking at another angle.

  2. trutherator Says:

    Crystal, I believe that is the point. The medical profession is a bit too much oriented toward pill-popping prescriptions, in my opinion. In part, too many patients demand them, too.

    For example, I’ve heard that a medical student can go through his entire medical education with hardly a course on the relationship between diet and health.

    My ex-wife before we were married took her toddler son to various doctors trying to cure his vomiting and diarrheah in the USA. Upon moving to Chile, the physician prescribed grapes and yogurt, problem solved.

    Physiological imbalances in the nervous system are different. My late son’s mental condition was up and down and it seemed like they often had a hard time finding the write dosages, especially in those pubescent and teen years.

    But I have seen the effects of some of them in my own son and it was often erratic.

    The point is that since we see this pattern so consistently repeated, time after time, in these incidents, it would be a more fruitful avenue of research than to blame firearms availability. It is statistically a MUCH higher correlation with the incidents, since the percentage of population that is on these drugs is much less than the percentage that possesses this necessary tool of self-defense.

    Having known people who have taken some of the drugs that are prescribed for mental conditions, I know that it is very appropriate in many cases, and that what we know as “mental” cases are often actually physiological and physical conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.

    But this takes some looking at. This long list shows a correlation that suggests various things.

    For one, since so few of the big incidents featured someone not on these substances, it shows that the gun grab is NOT a result of a desire to find the cause of such atrocious acts, but something else.

    Second, it shows that the science of “medicine” in the areas of psychology and psychiatry are not mature and by the way are no better at knowing what ails or fixes one patient any more than in other areas, and less than most.

    Third, it shows a lack –call it my opinion if you want to– of knowledge in the areas that show relationships between nutrition and behavior.

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