Look at this, then ask again, Why Should We Trust Our Government With Our LIves and Livelihood?

Cray X-MP/24 (serial no. 115) used by NSA

Cray X-MP/24 (serial no. 115) used by NSA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 Officers Arrested For Illegal Strip And Body Cavity Searches Will Stand Trial:

MILWAUKEE — Four Milwaukee police officers accused of conducting illegal strip and body cavity searches must now stand trial.

Obama said adding $4 trillion to the debt is unpatriotic (in 2008):

NSA whistleblower says their illegal data collection is a “violation of everybody’s Constitutional rights“:

Bill Binney believes he helped create a monster.

Sitting in the innocuous surroundings of an Olive Garden in the Baltimore suburbs, the former senior National Security Agency (NSA) official even believes he owes the whole American people an apology.

Binney, a tall, professorial man in his late 60s, led the development of a secret software code he now believes is illegally collecting huge amounts of information on his fellow citizens. For the staunch Republican, who worked for 32 years at the NSA, it is a civil liberties nightmare come true.
So Binney has started speaking out as an NSA whistleblower – an act that has earned him an armed FBI raid on his home. “What’s happening is a violation of the constitutional rights of everybody in the country. That’s pretty straightforward. I could not be associated with it,” he told the Guardian.
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Disarmament crusader Diane Feinstein in 1995 loudly proclaimed having carried a concealed weapon:

Licensing is a waste:

Lawmaker wants probe of EPA experiments on humans | Fox News:

be you want to drink raw milk but now you can’t get it from your neighbor across the state line, even if you’re in a state that’s sympathetic to natural foods. Golly, even in organic-crazy California you can get arrested for selling raw milk.

And what don’t we know? They pass tens of thousands of bills without reading them, and we don’t know what all there are… How do you know they won’t come after your favorite vice?

How much is too much?

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