Memphis Three? How about the Southern Sudan TWO MILLION?

Hollywood cares about the Memphis Three, accused of murder in Satanic rituals, the most darling of which, Echols, has apparently sought refuge in Salem:

There are some people who still think he’s guilty. Maybe Echols should have gone into a rock band instead and sung a sequel to “Sympathy for the Devil” on one song, and entice the adoring fans into listening to their violent and drug-saturated other songs.

You want miscarriage of justice? Yeah, let’s see a Paradise Lost sequel for Brian Terry, victim of Fast and Furious (False flag) and of the followup (no prison time for Brian Terry):

Here’s a much bigger one, only the victims are the current underclass of Official Media. Another genocide against black Africans. ignored by the Hollywood crowd that gets really mad when a Wiccan gets falsely accused:
Here’s a youtube on it, filmed by the attackers, who do not have any worries about Western Press for some reason:

The Sudanese torturers have idealogical colleagues, comrades in arms, at Guantanamo. Maybe Hollywood thinks the killing cousins in Guantanamo should not be waterboarded, but what about their comrades in arms torturing black-skinned Christians in Sudan?

There’s an Iranian-born American citizen being unjustly held in Iran because he is a Christian.

There was a Christian Iranian pastor who was under sentence of death for apostasy, released after years of prison only because the entire world kept their eyes on them and they must have wanted to avoid looking bad to even the more moderate Muslims, or enraging Americans before they’re ready.


Let’s visit the case of a “Phoenix

Fallen Border Patrol Agent Remembered - Brian ...

Fallen Border Patrol Agent Remembered – Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Photo credit: CBP Photography)

pastor jailed over a home Bible study?
Of course the royalty of the city of Phoenix have said it’s a “safety” issue and a “zoning” issue. What they are not saying, of course, is that for them it is a matter of who is boss and who can tell you what to do in your home and where and how you can worship. And that they are the only ones qualified to know what is safe to do in YOUR home.

In that article, there’s also a mention that Pacific Justice Institute successfully drove back a law that required all groups of three or more to register before meeting:

PJI recently successfully defended a local Christian Bible group meeting in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., that was vulnerable to a controversial city code that required all religious, fraternal or nonprofit organizations of three people or more to obtain a conditional-use permit for hosting meetings, including Bible studies. The couple hosting the Bible group faced a $300 fine for violating this code. PJI successfully convinced the city of San Juan Capistrano to adopt a new policy that now allows up to 40 people to meet in a private residence without a permit.


Islamists are slaughtering both Muslims and Christians in Syria, but for the latter they have a special curse and execute special humiliations: “DIe, Christian dog, die!”

But three guys who “dabble” (wink wink) in Wicca are heroes to some in the crowd who think Christians should go to jail for ignoring government-ordered rules for their faith that force them to choose between jail, bankruptcy or giving up their faith.


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