Socialism spends your children’s inheritance, and ours too

You ARE spending all your children’s inheritance when you think you get the state to pay for the nursing home and someone to change your diapers. The state pays for NOTHING, ZILCH, ZIP, NADA.

The ethical problem for takers is, they’re spending not only their children’s inheritance, they’re spending EVERYBODY ELSE’s inheritance with it.

The STUPIDITY of it all is that when the bill collector comes for his pound of flesh, the taker will whine and complain still blame the rich, blame God, blame anybody but the looting.

But by then there won’t be any of those “rich”, because the trouble with socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money.

Except the small subgroup of the rich that has been pushing the socialist meme will have control of it all, including the “souls of men”, having converted religion into a merchandise.

We have been warned as a nation. The Federal Reserve is now a topic, and it is the most visible tool in the hands of this billionaire socialist/fascist ruling clique.

It is a private sector bank cartel with complete monopoly over all our currency, and most of the members of BOTH parties protect it. There is a small crack in their wall but they have all the money they care to print.

Now they’re in the open and they’re racing against time before there is enough momentum from the people to get the BIPARTISAN cronies in the Congress to do something about it, or a LIBERTY-minded new party gains a foothold.


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