Immigration, culture and freedom

There is a wrong take on the effect of immigration on the culture. The massive European immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries resulted in some growth in Roman Catholic population –should have been strongly conservative like with Latin Americans later– but also massive numbers became evangelicals because born-again Christians boldly witnessed to their neighbors.

Even today, numbers of Protestants, especially Pentecostals, are multiplying growth rates in Latin American countries in a sort of “reverse cultural effect”.

So much so, along with the effect of true Mark 16:15 missionaries, that –for an example– we recently have a documented, video-recorded testimony with corroboration of dozens of witnesses that the earnest prayer of the faithful and a wife’s faith resulted in the resurrection from the dead of one Nigerian pastor.

View the youtube video here:

So the “problem” for “conservatives” and “libertarians” is not legal immigration at all, and not even illegal immigration.

It is the indifference and apathy of those who do not share their faith with others, and the failure to preach a Golden Rule social and political gospel with salvation.

By Golden Rule I don’t mean the false “charity” of those who vote to rob someone to “redistribute the wealth”. By that I mean teaching that whatever Caesar has belongs to God first, and when you vote to loot somebody else’s gain, you are voting for theft.

Christians can still witness to their neighbors, share the prophecies from the Bible that predict disaster for ungodly practices, but also the more recent specific ones that prophesy America’s collapse, and why.




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