Judge Napolitano Warns That Drug Contamination Will Happen Again If the Government Continues to Regulate | Fox News Insider

Andrew Napolitano & Tom Woods

Andrew Napolitano & Tom Woods (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)




He surmised, “The government is incapable of doing what it has charged itself with the responsibility of doing because it has no competition and there are no consequences when it fails.” As a result, Judge Napolitano forewarned, this will happen again.

What’s the alternative? Judge Napolitano said that since states can’t be sued if people are harmed, insurance companies should be in charge of regulating because they would be held accountable.


Massachusetts is probably the most regulated in your face state in the country. Their inspectors are empowered by the state to stay all day at any facility they choose, and they have a lot of them.


Look at how many hundreds of government departments there are in Massachusetts to take care of you and make sure you aren’t hurt by your own gullible stupidity:




And yet this slipped out. The company will be shut down but the state inspectors? Nothing will happen to them. Will all the gullible statists that think they can have an omniscient and caring government take care of them, will they throw out the governor for this?


Maybe not. It’s only a scandal where people are dying, happens to be Tennessee mostly, but even there, it’s not that big a percentage of the population. It’s one BIG DEAL to the families that have been hurt, for sure.


One thing for sure, those inspectors are not going to hurt. As a matter of fact, this episode has the naive and gullible now calling for more inspectors. There will be no demotions unless the public forces the state government to pay or the state forces the inspectors involved to pay.


But they have the old standby that works for state-control advocates pretty well usually -so far-: We just need more money to hire more people and to buy more tools.


It’s quite the scam.



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