Carter proves to be not only the worst president in history, but the craziest

A Political Map of North Korea

A Political Map of North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I”m sorry, but in the fine 2000-year-old tradition of calling whited sepulchres and snakes and vipers as they are. Well, maybe he’s the second worst now, we got another contender in 2008.

Carter: Foreign election system ‘best in world’:

The photo is very appropriate to this statement, he has an other-worldly look in his eyes, like he’s not seeing reality.

The US has one of the worst, he says.

He is now worthless. He came back from North Korea saying it wasn’t worth pressing North Korea to treat its citizens with more respect for their rights.

Paper receipts mean nothing if you have about 50% more registered voters than the demographics support, and if the opposition only has one channel that they can sometimes say something on, and if half the influential dissidents are in prison. That’s what is going on in Venezuela where the press is also under all kinds of regulations that control the content. It’s a farce.


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