Hero recovering, shot stopping leftist gunman who brought concealed weapon to shoot up FRC



The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC – Shameless People Lying Constantly) lists Family Research Council as a “hate” group, because the SPLC and its goosestepping spiritual comrades hate the FRC. By “hate groups” they mean groups of people they hate, because they disagree. There are petty dictators afoot in the land and the organizations that give voice to the views of the 99% are in the way of the Groupthink Tyranny they are forming.
So they call it hate as a Pavlov trick. Don’t get Pavloved.
They prattled on and on about the Colorado shooting, but they barely reported this leftist hater who brought his gun concealed in his bag to shoot up the FRC offices in Washington, D.C., where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon. The unarmed guard took a bullet in his wrist while he wrestled the comrade to the ground, while help was on its way.

Just shows that no matter how quick your local law enforcement is, they cannot get to the scene of the crime as fast as somebody who is already there. And the firearm ported by the good guy already on the scene is much more useful almost always than the guns the police force is bringing.

The only reason that the guard was able to nip this attack in the bud was that he was thinking fast and came toward the perpetrator before the perp was ready.

The guy had umpteen rounds of ammo ready to load and a bunch of bags of Chick-Fil-A to throw on the dead bodies.

Now what he did not realize, that SPLC does, is that his action was premature. SPLC wants “hate crime laws” that will use the armed force of the entire United States against such activists that they don’t like, and that’s a LOT of guns.

Government is the biggest gang there is and just like the radical anti-war Berkeley students turned the ears of the Hell’s Angels against the Vietnam War back in the 1960s, SPLC and like-minded comrades are the propaganda arm of the tyranny-building leftists/fascinsts in government. There is no substantive difference between National Socialism and International Socialism. It’s just a matter of whether your turf claim is national –like Hitler’s National Socialists– or international –like the modern United Nations internationalists and their friends the international bankers and money changers.

Jhn 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;




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