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Submitted by GingerTaylor on Sat, 07/28/2012 – 22:57

“Dear Ms. Staples and Mr. Ciancette,

Today I was disheartened to receive your notice that you were contesting the seating of the Maine Delegates and Alternate Delegates elected by our party to the GOP National Convention, and I am writing to ask you to reconsider your actions and rescind your request. I am an alternate delegate to the convention, elected in Augusta that day, and I have been very excited about having the chance to represent Maine in Tampa.

I am a lifelong republican, the daughter of a career Naval officer, I was born in Brunswick where my father was flying P-3s, I hold a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and most significantly, I am the mother to a little boy living with autism.

In the eight years since my son’s neurological regression, I have unfortunately had to learn first hand how broken our current system is, how much corruption in our country is harming those who are the least able to avoid and recover from it, and most grievously, how the party that I have been loyal to my entire life, has not only failed to address that corruption, but has helped to maintain it. I have personally briefed our state health commissioner and the head of Mainecare on the way that the federal government has defrauded our state and some disabled families of tens of millions (hundreds of millions?) of dollars, and have had to sit back and watch no action be taken, while families, school systems and state services buckle under the financial strain that is the federal governments (shirked) responsibility. It is a very difficult thing for a mother to suddenly find out that those that she has trusted and supported for a life time, are deaf to calls from her to bring an end to harm that is being caused to her own child, and children like him, because it is not politically expedient.

Because of my experience and my loss of trust in what the Republican Party had become, I disengaged from politics (and the party) for many years, but returned recently because I saw that, because the Obama administration had been so egregious in their power grab and so brazen in their corruption, and because the consequences to our economy and society had been so grave, that people were beginning to wake up to how broken the American system had become, and that earnest men were again willing to fight for this country. They wanted to bring it back to the values it was founded on, to implement a true system of checks and balances, to bring real accountability for misdeeds and to bring actual freedom back to individuals… well it gave me hope that we might be able to resurrect some of what we have lost in the last twenty years.

It’s too much to repost, but she goes on to review some of the dirty shenanigans that were pulled during the Republican Party state convention, and pointing out the craziness of how the older party structure members acted.

Like the paid Mitt Romney staffer who had put on a Ron Paul sticker and was passing out fraudulent lists that claimed to be of Ron Paul supporters, to confuse the delegates.

The blackout on news and information that embarrasses the powers that be, is breaking down.

Everybody across the nation, the whole people, knows how party operatives acted in Maine. Using the usual Subservient Media Cartel is not working. No matter how much you broadcast baloney from the would-be party dictator in Nevada, and give him the free slant, we all know how they did all the tricks they could to stop a fair convention process and cheat the Republican grassroots surge.

The Subservient Media Cartel is not working anymore. We all know now that the Obama administration and his State Department supported al Qaeda in Libya, and sent missiles and bombs into Libya on behalf of genocide brigades that wiped out the town of Towarga of 10,000 blacks, like they’ve been doing all over Libya.

See some of the murdered bodies of these blacks:

NATO bombed Libya and put American special forces on the ground, they said, to stop the massacre of Libyans. So what did they do about the reports of mass murder genocide? Forced the new rulers to tell the press they would tell their militias to restrain themselves.

The “cat is out of the bag”, and when a cat escapes from the bag he goes wild. And you notice it. People look.

Now they know about that massacre in Aleppo, in Syria, and the reports are circulating even in some of the Western press, that features interviews with residents of Aleppo that said it was NOT Assad’s troops but the “rebels” — the al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood fighters that killed all those civilians and blamed it on the West.

What, did they have sophisticated disinformation agents helping them?

The United States is looking bad in Syria. The American people are so angry at all the corruption in their country and the way the Federal Reserve has robbed us with fake currency –yeah that’s right, many of us know your game their too– that they are not going to happily send their sons off to war again in Syria.

And guess what? Any Gulf of Tonkin, or announcement about weapons of mass destruction, or attacks on US targets over there, you think Americans are going to rush so eagerly to fight a contrived war?

They’re not.

Sure, the “powers that be” still have lots of power but not infinite. Too many are on to them.

And they will look like they have won against freedom-loving Christians and non-Christians when they set up their new worldwide ruler eventually. But there will be some nations that will not play along, and in the end, this global regime will crumble.

Of the Beast, the Antichrist written about in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, he will be left to defeat alone and helpless in the end:

And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.–Daniel 11:45

Those who can, prepare. If you cannot do anything else, learn fast..


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