The growth of poverty: Fed robs poor and middle class with deficits and inflation, the rich get the loot

I’m not right nor left, but a minder of liberty and Golden Rule Government. The only political spectrum that matters is (1) more freedom vs. (2) more centralized control.

More freedom has always resulted in more generalized prosperity, a larger middle class. Back when the U.S. was the nation most hated by Bolsheviks and international socialists like John Reed, already admired for its wealth, it was on its way to seeing the biggest middle class on the planet.

But there is plenty more poverty now than there used to be after decades of central planning and wars on poverty, and more now than even 10 years ago, and more than the traditional Lockstep Press is doing stories on it. The middle class is being sucked dry. Jobs are disappearing into the taxes on millionaires and the Great Uncertain Future of investment and banks squeezed to help the poor and at the same time stay solvent, while getting bailed out by their bipartisan buddies in government at our expense. The poor are being robbed of their food stamps by inflation caused by the decline of the dollar and the resources being pulled by trillion-dollar stimulus money for cronies’ paymasters.

But there are millions of people in almost every country south of the border I’ve been to that would consider the poor in the U.S. as rich.

In Cuba, a recent arrival that works at the airport with my son told him they pound the hell out of real thin strips of towel cloth and other stuff to mix with the meat they serve up to even tourists in the hotels. Hey, it’s filling.

An ambulance raced through a town to get to a house once, he said, where they took out two pigs and the neighbors had a clandestine feast.

I’ve seen distended bellies in the Dominican Republic. (That’s likely better now, they invite foreign investment and respect their profits). I’ve walked through massive barrios in Santo Domingo of maybe a million that live in wood shacks with cracks and the walking-only ways between them that are made of squishy mud when it rains. I’ve taken bags of food to the poorest places and those people look at you like you brought them bags of gold.

My wife has a stepsister that lives with cracks in the roof and has been fighting breast cancer. The government could let loose the economy, but the people are kept ignorant by public-school teachers’ unions that spend half their PAID work days on strike whenever somebody in Congress sneezes in a way they don’t like.

God help me, I wish I could do more for these people but I’m too busy trying to fight the big sucking sound Ross Perot talked about in 1992, except the loud sucking sound is the economy disappearing into the black hole of federal corruption, kept growing at our expense by the Fed’s inflationary devaluation policies. And criminalizing independent currency, just try to compete or coin gold or silver, the only currency base allowed by the U.S. Constitution.

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