Fact check on the Unaffordable Medical Industry Nationalization, and Honduras

Below find my fact-checking to a couple of points in the following CNN article that purports to be a fact-check on the debate in Jacksonville, Florida, by Glenn Kessier..

“The Quest for Simplicity”

About the “Affordable” Care Act, really the Unaffordable Medical Industry Central Control Act.

Sure, what’s not to like if we get something we want. I get insurance without “pre-existing” conditions, never mind the effect on insurance. My kid gets business-paid coverage up to 26 years old, cool. Never mind that a LOT of employees that work for SMALL businesses can’t afford it. Oops.

Insurance companies are not charities and find ways to cut costs at our expense, but I still remember my poverty-stricken childhood when my family was able to pay visits to the doctor when I needed to go. A good family doctor that knew well what he was doing and charged reasonably. The family lawyer too, for the whole neighborhood really, who really cared for his clients, dropping off some of the worst guys near my Dad’s church when he bailed them out, for example, hoping they would get curious and interested and have a change in their lives.

Nobody wants anybody to die, but government has poured countless billions of dollars into the demand side of medical care and insurance and this of course has made it prohibitively expensive for us all.

The government has raised the price for doctors, medicines, and insurance, and hospitals, and home care, for us all by increasing demand all around. Those are direct subsidies. The indirect subsidies are made through tax policies like letting corporations make a pre-tax benefit of medical care, without allowing individuals the same possibility.

That’s not only an indirect subsidy to all the insurance companies and all medical establishments, it also gives a huge advantage to the biggest corporations.

Take away the profit motive completely from all of it, you get the real world version of Cuba. One of the biggest businesses in Miami is the sale of pharmaceuticals with delivery addresses inside Cuba. Central planning never worked in the Soviet Union or Mao’s China, and it has never worked in the US either. Michael Moore’s propaganda piece is a complete fraud, fraud, fraud.

And look at where there is a hybrid system. Private facilities are always better, in both poor and rich countries.

If you have ever had to get help from a state agency or a federal agency, it is a labyrinth of paperwork and requirements. If you’ve had to process a visa through its completion like I have for my wife and five step-children, it is criminal. If Obama wants to keep families together so much then he should slash all that paperwork and chop down all the fees. But no. He does the political thing, while deporting more people than ever while posturing about Arizona.


FactCheck.Org is NOT a fact-based source. To me, Santorum is a fake conservative and warmonger and neo-con and as a Bible-believing born-again Christian myself, I say his foreign policy is bad.

But so-called “Fact Check” got their facts WRONG on HONDURAS. Zelaya had already executed his own coup against the government in Honduras, and he was running it as an old-style dictator, and trying to set himself up to be another Pinochet.

Zelaya took new laws passed by Congress in 2009 and shredded them by doing what he wanted.

Zelaya ignored court orders to obey the law and in response declared that he did not have to obey any “juecesitos”, meaning “pipsqueak judges”.

Finally his arrest was ordered by the Supreme Court for not only those crimes but many others, like ROBBING the funds for the POOR to finance his illegal machinations to be caudillo for life. He gave some cabinet members a million dollars outright, telling them to stick with him, he would be president for life.

Zelaya was the coup monger. The Congress was elected by the same Honduras too and had that right.

The exile was a different matter. I’m sure Zelaya may have even requested it so as not to be put in prison where he belonged.

All of Honduras knows that he did change his story on arrival in Costa Rica and that he left his home, witnessed by two dozen

Honduras opposing Zelaya

Honduras opposing Zelaya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

neighbors, in his suit.


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