Ron Paul’s push for full Fed audit slated for House vote

Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ron Paul‘s push for full Fed audit slated for House vote | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012:

The bill is currently pending before a House Oversight subcommittee, but has garnered a substantial number of sponsors — 227 in all, including several committee chairmen. And while Fed-bashing became a popular activity on the GOP primary campaign trail, not all the bill’s backers are Republicans. Several Democrats, such as Reps. Peter DeFazio (Ore.) and Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), are among those pushing for a Fed audit.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Federal Reserve audit from July 2011

    Article about the audit

    “The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

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