The Liberty Movement is Growing Up

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IF Romney does eventually actually clinch the nomination, there are a number of them that would vote for Romney just because they think they would have to if they want Obama‘s reign to end. Some of them still don’t fully understand all the issues but like Andrew Napolitano said, Ron Paul ‘is one of US“, meaning he’s not Establishment like any of the other candidates of either party.

Which he has NOT done yet, and by rule 38 might not even when he gets the count. Ron Paul will at least speak at the convention, and his delegates will be heard. With all the misreporting about Doug Wead‘s statement about putting their money where it counts most, that also seems to have jolted RP supporters awake –those who didn’t realize it yet– that the whole thing is now independent of the RP campaign personnel, and it no longer depends on Ron Paul.

There are liberty candidates all over the nation, gaining nominations and elections to local and state offices, and taking over the Republican Party.

Personally, I think America is going to suffer very hard for all its sins, beginning with “the house of God” where the slip-slide started, most especially when the dollar crash actually hits. When it does there will be pain, and RP has made clear that his goal if he doesn’t actually become president (and maybe if he does) is (1) try to get legislation passed to ameliorate the disaster by legalizing freedom of choice of currency, and (2) make sure as many people as possible understand WHY and HOW it happened.

Number (2) is crucial, because when people lose one of their two cars or when food really is scarce, or when the government cannot guarantee freebies anymore, there will be a lot of anger. But if enough people understand the principle of liberty and what I call “Golden Rule Government”, we’ll get through it a lot easier because they will not be fooled by the demagoguery of “social justice” or induced to demand theft by “entitlements”.


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