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Map of USA showing states with no state income...

Map of USA showing states with no state income tax in red, and states that tax only interest and dividend income in yellow. No state income tax Tax only on interest and dividend income (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okies want to eliminate state income tax.
But why do they need to find an alternative revenue stream?  Just cut down government! You expanded it in the fat years anyway!

Asylum is in the best interests of the US even though not the bankers or the Fed regime:

Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Bad week for Obama:

What’s happening in America is no laughing matter:

A story about a homeless mother who was arrested, and accepted a plea bargain, for the horrendous crime of putting her kids in the wrong school:
Gwen Samuel, the chairwoman of the Connecticut Parents Union, told the paper that she was upset about McDowell’s decision to accept the plea bargain, saying, “You shouldn’t be arrested for stealing a free education.”

(Some people still argue that the government should have the power to indoctrinate our children as they see fit)

Lannie Davis tells what he learned from Chuck Colson about the word “hate”:

***  Brian Susskind challenges Gore to a debate again :

*** Diabetic writes about the foods he eats and experiences at

It was in January when the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition told blogger Steve Cooksey, who writes at, that it was investigating him for providing nutrition care services without a license.

This is a violation of free speech, besides just being wrong-headed and wrong:

        Cooksey was accused of violating Chapter 90, Article 25 of the North Carolina General Statutes, which makes it a misdemeanor to “practice dietetics or nutrition” without state permission – a license. According to the law, “practicing” nutrition includes “assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups” and “providing nutrition counseling.

In February 2009, after being hospitalized with diabetes and wanting to avoid the fate of his grandmother who eventually died from the disease, Cooksey decided to embrace the low-carb, high-protein Paleo, or “caveman,” diet. 

As a result of the diet, he was drug- and insulin-free within 30 days. By May of that year, he had lost 45 pounds and decided to start a blog in which he would write about his success. 

FDA even says bottled water is a “drug” when used to treat dehydration!!!!

Next up: Food will be an FDA “drug” when it’s used to ‘treat’ starvation!

NYC: barbers can’t charge women more than men:

The Air Force is trying out airships again:



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