Healers and Prophets, Cayce and Branham, and Raised from the Dead

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Intuition is a powerful tool. It comes as a force, forged in the pit of the heart. This is truly the soul speaking to us when we feel it. For those times when decisions seem so certain but yet so bizarre, it is intuition that calls on us to listen. The sphere of intuition is available for all to see and hear.

Throughout time, many have had what is referred to as psychic ability, clairvoyance or the ability to see the invisible. These souls displayed the innate ability to see beyond the physical construct of reality and into the realms less traveled by others. Such great seers like Edgar Cayce held thousands of readings, all considered to be highly accurate and shocking in their absolutely true revelation.

Though Mr. Cayce wasn’t 100% accurate, his accuracy remained high enough to be worth mention in hundreds of books. In trance, he would call forth an entity and read from the Akashic record; the Book of Life as more know it to be. From this cosmic annal, he would impart valuable and startlingly true information to a subject about past lives and current affairs. He could diagnose and cure health problems despite only having an elementary education. He was a truly remarkable man who thought little of himself and only sought to help others.

Things like the fact of fulfilled prophecies and extrapolations from high-school level science led me to explore the matter and eventually led me back to the Bible, where we find 100% accurate prophecies that either were fulfilled, are in the process in this generation, or describe still future events. I tell my story elsewhere in this blog. Most of the prophets in the Bible were corroborated by events in their own lifetime, meaning prophecies fulfilled in their own day.

I began looking at the Bible while I was still an atheist looking for hints on how to develop my “psychic” senses, but I eventually got a lot more understanding than I expected.

I’ve read that Edgar Cayce at the first credited God with his accurate predictions, and people who knew about him grew in number, but began misreading some of his visions and ideas after a visit by a couple of sophisticated New Age types. The healings are very real, the gifts and callings of God are without repentance even if you stop giving him credit, in large part because God, like Paul, would rather not turn the needy away “but rather let it be healed”.

William Branham is an example of accurate prophecies and real healings, shunned as he is by big denominations. One minister I knew once went to a meeting where a missionary from South Africa told of a visit by Branham there. People came for healing to the meetings and virtually all of them went home completely whole.

At this next link you can read about his prophecies uttered in 1933 that driverless cars were coming and that towards the last generation cars would start looking more egg-shaped.


I have very sharp differences with some of the doctrines he taught, but the importance of salvation and reality of the spiritual world, and his gift of healing, are very much corroborated, with many more than just the Biblical two or three witnesses.

The director of a local hospital during his visit asked him if he could do something for the people in his hospital, which was actually a center for terminal patients. Branham told him to bring them all to the next service.

The director had misgivings but figured they were terminal and it couldn’t hurt them worse, so in the came the next night. He went one by one, laid hands, and they all went home that day from the meeting, completely healed.

Here’s a link to a story about one of the meetings there and the healings:


There are other testimonies from elsewhere, like the founder of the missionary group I worked with, disheartened by the reactions of his flock and the staid traditional denomination he was associated with and the congregation he pastored, after they reacted to his bringing in Indians and Mexicans to his services.

Branham looked at him straight in the eye out of the audience and told him exactly what was happening to him and predicted his later ministry.

So of course the gifts of the spirit listed by Paul in I Corinthians 12 are still active today, although they are unfortunately very under-used because we are a faithless generation. But there are many who have gifts and have faith and you can see the video-recorded testimonies from Nigeria of the pastor’s wife who had the faith for it and saw her dead (and embalmed) husband restored to life.

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believeth. – Mark 9:23.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. -Romans 10:17

Here is a youtube video with the testimony of the pastor in Nigeria who was raised from the dead after he was three days in the mortuary, even embalmed:


Jesus’ resurrection proved that his sacrifice on the cross was a victory over death and hell. Just believe on him he promised in John 3:16 for everlasting life.


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  1. lifebeganwithparkinson Says:

    Thank you for the enlightment and more than ever, I’m so glad you are a Christian. I was reluctant at first to key in your blog address, for I feared you were my enemy. Somehow, my entire article has been deleted except for the title. I’ve tried many times to recover it, but it is gone. I’ve contacted WordPress -they cannot find it. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy. I thank you for taking time to ready my words on healing and my journey to find the truth. God bless and I will visit your site often, I’m sure. We seem to share political views.

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    Remember also, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. With growth in Biblical scripture understanding comes more of the kind of faith that heals bodies, moves mountains, and changes lives. My best recommendation is to jump into the King James BIble brain-first by immersion. The more you read, the more things happen that “fit” in life, and the more faith grows.

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