@Barna: You ignore Ron Paul, you put your credibility in peril

I just read Barna’s recent report about evangelical voting at this link:

I read Barna’s book Revolution! and was impressed with him having an open mind to what following Christ really means, but I was disappointed in this “report” that does not mention Ron Paul or even Santorum. The candidate is not chosen yet!

But now he measures attitudes among Christians toward the four Big-Government candidates, shows numbers for Obama, Romney, and not even Santorum.

Ron Paul is by far the most genuine and honest of all the candidates and he has been getting strong support from strong Bible-believing Christians like myself.

His policies are by far the most Christ-like. Applying the Golden Rule everywhere. Jesus told us to “make disciples of all nations”, NOT bomb them into behaving.

He that meddleth with matters not pertaining to him is as he that taketh a dog by the ears, and that applies overseas.

The government can only give something away by stealing it from somebody else. Christians should apply the Golden Rule to government: Treat government policy as if it were one-to-one.


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