The word “homophobia” is a trick: Rational discourse is better

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Phobia is a suffix used by psychologists for all kinds of irrational fears, otherwise you would just call it a “fear” with other possible adjectives with different connotations. That’s why some social engineers, whoever they were, put that word together with some other irrelevant associations for the purpose of cheating us all out of a rational discourse on the subject.

In other words, the guys who made it such a commonly used word wanted to leverage the association mechanisms of the language to leap-frog any reasonable discussion and create a prejudice, a bigotry, in the other direction.

I appreciate some comments I’ve seen from liberals about accepting Kirk‘s statements on loving his gay friends, and them loving him. I know he means it, there are people close to me that way, no phobias at all.

But I saw the seedy side too. Not just when I was a short time in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

When I was a student at Washington University in St. Louis there was a professor in the Sociology department who studied the “homosexual subculture” in minute detail using a method he called “participatory study”. That means he hung out with groups of them outside bathrooms in public parks while they did their thing. Some would hang around outside to warn the ones inside when anybody was coming, especially a cop. He did everything with them (caused a few eyebrows among us students), and that was first-person testimony in his own writings, published as “studies”. Morbid. The park featured most in his “studies” was one near my own house, and the thing was filthy, dirty, filthy, and did I mention is stunk? (And to think families went to that park on Sundays)

Even so, I don’t stereotype them, every person is an individual, every person has faults and sins, and every person needs forgiveness for them (unless they’re perfect).

A former IT director “boss” of mine, her Dad was a doctor. Sometimes at home she would overhear him made sad comments about the abuse some people do to their bodies, and then come to him to fix them up. She says remembering, knowing, he was talking about homosexuality.

Hedonism does not satisfy, so people who look to it to satisfy the natural human needs for companionship and love, either finally look elsewhere for it, or have to deviate ever more from the natural.

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