A Ugandan reporter’s reaction to the “Invisible Childrens” campaign

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Like I said, that video was suspicious. To me it was suspicious mostly because of the last few minutes and seconds of it where the narrator demanded intervention by American advisers to snatch Joseph Kone and take him to the International Court.

I was also suspicious because this video came by way of Grace Hill Media, an organization that purports to promote Christian movies and entertainment.

A call to use more American troops to enforce a United Nations order?

Why should Christians support a build-up of the world government that will put the Beast in power? American troops have done plenty enough of that already, and they are already teaching kids in school that US interventions have been done with permission of the UN as if it were already a de facto government.

That’s prepping us. Eventually they will turn that theme against the US itself.

Of course the United States is no longer a Christian nation but Christians need to wake up out of their stupor.

Christians in their pews need to stand up and demand that their pastors stand up against getting recruited to spy on their congregations.

Romans 13, like Chuck Baldwin has pointed out, includes that admonition to obey the laws of the land not only because they have more guns (“not only for wrath”) but also “for conscience sake”, meaning you have to measure that obedience against God‘s will and God’s word.

In other words it’s an expansion of what Jesus Christ told his disciples in Matthew 18 when the tax collectors came knocking. He illustrated the corruption of the taxing laws and the people who work getting them (“Do their children pay?”) but told the apostles to pay the tax just to get them off their back (“Notwithstanding, lest we offend them”).

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