Ron Paul Idaho Team Welcomes Romney Family Members as Surrogate Caucus Speakers

Ron Paul has now received endorsements from five relatives of Mitt Romney, following the endorsement by Rick Santorum‘s nephew:

Jared Romney, out of Salt Lake City, said his grandfather is a first cousin with former Michigan Governor George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, and stated, “It really comes down to Ron Paul championing the ideas of the Constitution, in how he lives it, understanding we must return to and follow its guiding principles.  He also understands we must reign in the Federal Reserve System which is destroying our economy.”

Troy Romney also lives in Salt Lake City and is a University of Utah student, and will be speaking at the Montpelier caucus location in Bear Lake County.  Troy’s grandfather and George Romney are cousins as well.  Troy said he supports Ron Paul because “he stands for the values and principles America was founded upon.”

These family member endorsements are preceded by an announcement of support for Ron Paul by Rick Santorum’s nephew, John Garver.

Concerning the active “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” coalition, this announcement follows the high-profile endorsements of President Jonathan Johnson, prominent author and chair of the Utah Tenth Amendment Center Connor Boyack, and that of Utah Republican Liberty Caucus Chair Darcy Van Orden.

All such announcements help present Ron Paul as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and demonstrate that no presidential candidate has a monopoly on this crucial western states voter segment or even, for that matter, the Romney family.


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3 Responses to “Ron Paul Idaho Team Welcomes Romney Family Members as Surrogate Caucus Speakers”

  1. kww Says:

    Ron Paul will be Romneys choice for VP, they are tag teaming on the down low and I have only seen a few people mention this in the media. They never attack each other and now RP gets support from Romney family members, you think this is not a calculated move by Willard Romney? The Mormon machines is well oiled and trust me…their tentacles are long and busy…they own a huge number of fortune 500 companies and I would venture to say they are more powerful than the Jews because they give faithfully 10 % of their earnings to the church….a lot of Jews are not religious and they ones that are certainly aren’t giving 10% of their income to the church. This country will change with a mormon president…scary.

  2. plumbing Hereford Says:

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  3. trutherator Says:

    To kww, if you think Ron Paul is playing footsie and conspiring with Romney, you don’t know anything about him.

    See RP’s campaign expose Romney together with the Grinch and the Sanitorium. RP’s positions are well known, he has not wavered, he is the constitutional candidate, he opposed TARP bailouts, he voted against doubling the size of the federal education budget and department that Santorum voted for.

    All this crazy talk about Romney-Ron Paul conspiracy is total invented baloney, a ludicrous and a transparent attempt to Santorum to get points against Romney. Not so much Ron Paul, because he probably realizes that Ron Paul supporters are issue-based and they look at your history.

    Santorum lost integrity when he accused the two that way, because he knows RP better. He wanted to get points against both of them.

    But Santorum is a fake conservative who voted to expand Medicare, the Education Department, and says nothing about ending the oppressive Federal Reserve currency monopoly, and neither does Romney, architect of Romneycare.

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