Looks like even the “leftist” Mother Jones magazine scoffs at FBI arresting old white guys

These guys look just like the other so-called “terrorists” that the FBI recently “stopped” cold, where the FBI provided the encouragement, the plan, the supplies, the means, and then made a big noisy arrest to show they are on the job and that they need more power!

Four Senior Citizens Plotted Killing Spree At A Waffle House | Mother Jones

They needed something to support their story that it’s rednecks and country hicks they have to watch out for too!

So how much more operational was this plot than your average FBI sting involving some hapless al-Qaeda fanboy? That’s not really clear. While the group demonstrated an ability to independently manufacture ricin, which is made from widely available castor beans, the criminal complaint begins with a meeting surveilled by an FBI “confidential human source” in March. While the FBI recordings showing the four men expressing an eagerness to kill large numbers of people in pursuit of their political goals will likely preclude any entrapment defense, there’s no way to know from the criminal complaint what level of involvement the FBI’s confidential human source had in putting together the whole plan, or even the existence of the group itself, or whether the source came upon the plot by other means.

Bottom line: At first glance this appears to be the right-wing extremist version of the sort of al-Qaeda wannabe stings we’ve become so familiar with.


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