ARMSTRONG: Our dead American Medical Association

Gds44’s blog has posted a story about the defunct AMA. It is defunct as an independent association of doctors –only 15% of doctors in the USA are members– and become a dependent adjunct of government that lives of the government-enforced monopoly of medical coding symbology.

ARMSTRONG: Our dead American Medical Association – Washington Times « Gds44’s Blog:

There are other organizations which have a good number of doctors as members:

Christian Medical and Dental Associations

There are others not too hard to find.

American Association of Physicians and Surgeons:

The AAPS asked Secretary Sebelius of HHS to confirm that Medicare-enrolled patients will not be penalized when they seek medical services with doctors who are not enrolled with Medicare. Before Obama’s nationalization of medical care, doctors were free to disenroll from Medicare, and patients could apply for reimbursement for services acquired with non-enrolled doctors.

The following link is to an article on their web site featuring the response from HHS and Sebelius, and a form letter one can send to their legislators demanding that there be no such penalties.

This is preposterous.


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