Spirit Airlines leads protest against government requirement to hide taxes in your air fares

My question:Where are the other airlines? Why are they missing in action? AWOL, because we expect them to speak up for themselves AND FOR THE LITTLE GUY.


That’s why the VAT tax is so bad, too. The buyer doesn’t know how much of that price retail is taxes that the consumer himself is paying. Note: meaning it’s a way for some “liberal” countries to tax the poor by stealth.

It’s the same kind of idea as the new requirements on airlines, a tax on each step of the manufacturing process, where the final retail price includes all the taxes but unlike the sales tax, there’s no way the retailer usually knows how much is tax.

 For a brief few weeks at least here in Miami, one could see a sticker at the gasoline pump that said so-and-so percent of your price goes to federal, state and local taxes. It didn’t last, they probably made that illegal too. But it’s a LOT of taxes that get paid out of your fill up.

 Another stealth tax, more insidious maybe than just requiring airlines to hide the tax, is inflation. Until recently most people haven’t thought about it.

When the central bank in Honduras  –or the Federal Reserve in the USA— adds money to the money supply in circulation, it means more money chasing after the same production of goods and services. They increase it by lowering interest rates, or sometimes by just rolling out the “printing presses”, like the Fed did with QE1 and QE2. Of course it’s electronic entries nowadays. And as part of TARP, the Fed created more supply for Europe, as exposed when Congress finally forced the Fed to tell who they gave money to.

But the “member banks” get the first dibs on “new money“, presumably it works that way in Honduras too. Their biggest and best clients get it next, and so on. It’s “trickle down inflation” where the prices are driven up but the CONNECTED rich get it first, the ones with their buddies in power and in the central banks. Prices go up before the poor see any of the extra new money, so when they go to the store their money buys less.

It’s a devaluation of the money right out of the pockets of the poor and middle class, it’s grand theft larceny, and it’s also a hidden tax. Government gets to look good with programs for the poor that they finance by robbing them by devaluation of their money.

That’s why the famous old saying “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who sits on the throne”.


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2 Responses to “Spirit Airlines leads protest against government requirement to hide taxes in your air fares”

  1. trutherator Says:

    Okay, I’ve thought about this a little more, and I’ve seen the typical explanations out there for this change. They’re saying that people are all surprised when the airlines quote a fare and then it turns out to be a lot more when they actually pay.

    But all the airlines have been doing the same thing, so I had already come to expect that. But this really does smack of hiding the taxes.

    When you go to actually pay, before you actually do pay, after all, they were already showing you the price. Most people that I know at least are paying their fare ahead of time with credit cards, after all.

    So yeah, don’t always buy into the talking points coming across in these news reports from the “government-media” complex.

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