Rand Paul’s ‘Police State’ Showdown Reveals Secret Alarm Practices

They use Doublespeak dictionaries at the TSA and at the White House, I guess? When is detention of an opposition senator not “detention”?


“For an hour and a half, they said ‘absolutely, I would have to accept a pat down. And, because I used my cell phone, they told me I would have to do a full body pat down because you’re not allowed to use your cell phone when you’re being detained. It’s like, well, I can’t call my attorney? I can’t call my office to tell them I’m going to miss a speech to 200,000 people?”

Senator Paul asserted that not only do TSA agents choose citizens at random for unnecessary screenings, but that the screening machines are designed to sound alarms at random as well – subjecting innocent people to intrusive invasions of privacy.

“In the end, after two hours of this quarreling,” he said, “they did let me walk through the screener and it didn’t go off. So what the TSA is not telling you is the screeners are being used as random devices as well. The screeners will go off randomly, and the [agents] don’t know that it’s a random call but it has nothing to do with what you’ve done.”

Well, he was going to speak to the Pro-Life March in Washington. Maybe that’s why they detained him with this random buzzing on the screener?

Enquiring minds want to know. Patriot Act, TSA, DHS, expanded Patriot Act, a DHS secretary “enemies watch list” that includes Ron Paul supporters and returning veterans, and now Obama claims power to arrest any American citizen -in United States territory– and hold him without charges indefinitely (as long as he likes)??

Time for a real change in America, if it’s not too late. Ron Paul.

Remember Bush? We got two wars, accelerated debt growth, intrusions on our individual liberties, expansion of the welfare state, growth in giveaways to more foreign countries and corporate welfare. Sure, Obama is worse in all these things, but why not have the guy you know is an honest and consistent freedom-protecting man who has proven to be a defender of constitutionality and freedom in the Congress?

I went to speak to people at early voting the other day here in Miami, and most of the people I conversed with said they were by far absolutely in favor of Ron Paul and every position he takes, but they just wanted to vote for somebody who could beat Obama in the general election.

The media has been successful at suppressing the fact that the guy who can most easily and handily beat Obama is Ron Paul and NOBODY else.


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