Foreign Aid and Violence in Honduras – Real Solutions

About the volunteer aid groups and violence in Honduras:

“His [Carlos Castaneda, VP of Americas for Heifer International) take: The violence is primarily between gang members and drug cartels, who’ve moved in from Mexico. That said, Heifer avoids driving at night and holds meetings in villages, not cities.”

The violence may be mostly bad guys hitting at each other, but robberies in daylight are common enough too. My stepson’s girlfriend got robbed going home from work, and on another occasion a friend of theirs was robbed near our house down there. So there are plenty enough innocent people getting hit with it.

There are a couple of extremely effective solutions, and the most effective is the most difficult today because of political and cultural mandates that have emanated from somewhere among the worldwide powers-that-be who have been savvy enough to make this decay of morals look spontaneous.

#1.A spiritual revolution in the culture. When there is a genuine such phenomenon, that takes over a population, the result is like happened once in the 19th-20th century in an area of Wales, where the prisons went out of business. Some churches are trying to work with gang members to this effect in Honduras, and I understand that even the gangs allow their members to quit when they become Christians but watch them carefully, and themselves administer capital punishment for backsliding (they figure they can’t trust them if they quit).

#2. The best and easiest thing the United States could do for Honduras (and lots of Latin America) is to stop the drug wars. Legalizing drugs would clear up the drug-related shooting wars overnight because it would dry up 95% percent of the profit they get from the markup that comes from being illegal.

#3. Stop all foreign aid to Honduras immediately. Looking at you, World Bank. Looking at you, International Monetary Fund. When the tit-for-tat quid-pro-quo dance ends with these international bankers enforcing their own agendas with these payoffs for government politicians, what will happen is that the political actors will have to look to their own country’s resources for help.

If you’re concerned about the “rich elites” of Honduras getting more power that way, what I say is better Hondurans than shadowy international interests whose actions in foreign aid have NOTHING to do with what most Americans think it does.

Ask almost any Honduran, who does that aid benefit? My wife was so humiliated foreign dignitaries took helicopter tours to survey the results of foreign aid after Hurricane Mitch.

Dambisa Moyo, female economist from Africa, wrote a book about this: “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa“.

And Honduras.

#4. Another way is to expose the outrage of the political side of these killings. What is happening in Honduras is what a brave Venezuelan journalist exposed in January 2010, when Pepe Lobo was soon to be sworn in as president in Honduras. She said that there was a Chavez-Castro plan to initiate killings of journalists and other politically visible figures and then blame it on the new government.

That’s exactly what has happened. The so-called “Reporters Without Borders” (Who are they and where is their funding from?) said nobody should “politicize” or make political points with the brutal killings that took the lives of Karol Cabrera’s daughter and her journalist colleague, but they make plenty of political points against the Lobo government when a pro-leftist or pro-Resistance reporter is killed, never mind that most of them are not related to that, and many of these reporters getting shot were the ones reporting on Manuel Zelaya’s AUTO-COUP and his dictatorship.

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Some investigations very well may have uncovered some of the connections with money from Venezuela, Hondurans should demand better information about this. Americans think they are more accustomed to transparency, but as we see from the handling of international media of events in Honduras, they are definitely agenda-driven with the way they filter the facts coming out of Honduras. 2009 was a case in point.


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