Where do they find money for “studies” like this?

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I posted a few days ago on this liberal/conservative/brain study and after reading another blog post elsewhere on the subject of the study I had a couple of comments.


Always these “scientific” studies trying to find how to “fix” people who the researchers don’t agree with.

Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises (via wikipedia)

This “liberal/conservative” so-called “spectrum” is itself detached from consistency anyway. In the 1960s, so-called “liberals” opposed all manner of police state actions like surveillance, property seizure without warrant, national ID and the like, whereas now in 2012 these are things the current “liberal” administration push and their “liberal” friends cheer.

Plus how did this word “liberal” get so messed up? In the days of von Mises, Austrian school economist, “liberal” meant free market and freedom from government intrusion. Now it’s a “liberal” who never gets enough.

The real spectrum should be between those who want complete freedom from government (libertarians) and those who want the government to save us from everything and control everything. Socialism and fascism are twins.

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