What’s crazy about opposition to Ron Paul

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A controller where I once worked was very much Jewish but confided that he had challenged a friend of his on dual citizenship to make up his mind. The friend was a dual citizen of Israel and the USA. To say that a Jew or a Christian or an Israeli cannot challenge American foreign policy without being “anti-Semitic” is what is crazy, just crazy.

All that buzz from a disgruntled employee who was fired for performance issues, but even Dondero admitted that Ron Paul is not anti-Semitic and is not racist. Sounds like he had personality issues too.

Ron Paul voted against the congressional resolution that condemned Israel for bombing Saddam Hussein‘s nuclear plants. How is this compatible with the idea of wanting Israel wiped off the map?

> I just get the idea he’s like the crazy uncle no one invites over > anymore because he’s obnoxious and embarrassing.

And the “crazy uncle” theme is an invented Goebbels tactic, an image that has nothing to do with the real issues, like saying Newt is an old fat man or Obama has funny-looking ears.

Sure his ideas are crazy in Flatland, but what’s crazy about

(1) actually making a real cut of one trillion out of the budget, instead of increasing it less than you want to and calling that a cut, or

(2) ending the endless and fruitless wars and war machines, or

(3) a foreign policy that had roaring success for a hundred years (until Truman and Dulles decided to get us into international entangling alliances all over the place), or

(4) returning to a precious-metals based currency that worked great without robbing value from your savings by inflating the money supply, or

(5) ending the monopoly over fiat currency and thereby half of every single economic transaction enjoyed by a cartel of Wall Street banks who have fully “legal” counterfeiting monopoly too (we would be put in jail for what they do), or

(6) as a step to rational economics, forcing an audit on the Fed to find out what they have been doing,

(7) forcing them to tell us where they gave out money all over the place, like the five or six trillion they gave to European central banks, no doubt to bail out Greece (oh, maybe you thought we didn’t help their bail out of Greece)

(8) ending the foreign aid that only serves to steal from the poor in rich countries to give it to the rich in poor countries,

(9) cutting off aid to both Israel and Israel’s enemies (who get THREE TIMES more aid from us than Israel does), especially since Netanyahu said we don’t need your aid anyway, we can defend ourselves anyway, and the most Jewish of Israelis now demanding an end to all aid and the way it ties their hands,

(10) expecting people to take responsibility for their own actions


And as to “no one invites”, even Ron Paul’s political detractors and competition for the nomination have agreed that they would like to have followers with the enthusiasm of Ron Paul supporters.


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