The moon: another sign of the times and decline of the West

China builds new rockets, fuels, a space station and plans to put crews on the Moon by Andrew Malcolm –

Private enterprise could do, or could have done, a better job in space than NASA, with two disclaimers, in my opinion.

One is, such private efforts would have run into the same regulatory balls and chains as the rest of the private sector has to face.

Two, NASA no doubt sucked up much of the private industry resources that could have gone to space exploration. It is easier to make more money from the organization that can just go get more “unlimited” budget by forced confiscation, which is what taxation is.

Three, the military participation in NASA meant that one of the best parts of government had a say in much of it.

So one of the least odious and least wasteful of government programs has been shut down by the current administration.

And get this screamer. When he announced the shutdown of the space shuttle program, Obama said private enterprise could do it better! Does anybody else see the disconnect here, from a guy who said government central planning could do better than bankruptcy court for saving the auto industry, the financial industry, and private sector prosperity in general?

This from the guy who shut down the wildly successful voucher program that helped some of the poorest D.C. kids get a better education?


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