Michael Savage loses credibility and respect attacking Ron Paul

Michael Savage has had my respect for a long time because he calls the corrupt powers-that-be for what they are and has exposed the complicity of Republican Party hacks with the dismantling of America. But with his unwarranted and misguided attacks on Ron Paul, he has lost a LOT of credibility. He knows he has a lot of Ron Paul listeners, so he doesn’t go crazy wild, and he hasn’t gone into the personal lies that some of the shills have put out on him, so give him credit for that. Except for when he said Ron Paul hates Jews. Michael Savage KNOWS that Ron Paul does NOT hate Jews, and I say that because I cannot believe Michael Savage is stupid or ignorant, because he’s not. It’s hyperbole, sure, but it’s not a fair thing to say either.

Savage: Romney can’t stop Obama:  http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/savage-romney-cant-stop-obama/

He says Romney is in over his head, but when Savage criticizes Ron Paul foreign policy or his views on the crazy drug wars, Savage is the one in over his head.

The CIA says we get blowback for meddling in the affairs of regions like the Middle East, the head man who was in charge of tracking down Osama bin Laden said it. Active military personnel are saying it. A great number of retired military officers are speaking out this way, when Conformist Media gives them a chance.

Foreign Aid? Ask almost anybody from a poor country whether foreign aid given to their governments has helped in the decades it’s been given.

What about the Jews? Meet the “Jews for Ron Paul” Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/JewsForRonPaul

And hear the fresh voice from an Israeli settler, none more Jewish and none more pro-Israel: http://settlersofsamaria.org/vote-ron-paul-free-israel/

…And take special note of what he said about what we can do with our “help”. He was ecstatic at finding a presidential candidate who actually finally offered to set Israel free of American aid and to unleash them to settle their own affairs with their neighbors instead of interfering (“Let us take care of Iran”, he says)

I first got interested in the whole freedom movement when I heard that Ron Paul wanted to end all foreign aid, including to my country, Israel. This seemed like a spectacular idea to me. I hate the idea of taking American tax payer money I don’t need. The only reason we take it, by the way, is not because we need it. It’s that we don’t want to feel alone, and Jews always feel a deep existential isolation and loneliness. “As I see them from the mountain tops, gaze on them from the heights, this is a people who dwells alone, not counted among the Nations,” says Balaam of the People of Israel in Numbers 23:9. We still feel that loneliness. So we take the money. It’s shameful, it’s theft, it’s destructive, it’s morally wrong, and it makes people hate us for tying them into a conflict they have no business trying to solve. I wanted it to end and didn’t trust any Israeli leader to give it up on his own, so I looked up more about Ron Paul.

What I found was fascinating. On the forums, I learned of people who, back in ’08, literally gave their lives short of death to this man. Some poured money into his campaign they could not afford to give, and some even lost their marriages because of their single-minded insane dedication. This shocked me. I couldn’t yet understand it, but after a few days of listening to him, it began to click.

What is it about Ron Paul that inspires such extremes? Such maddening support on the one hand, and such fear and loathing on the other? I can give the answer in one word: Soul.

The essential soul of a human being is by definition free. The idea that men are free as determined by God is a concept that is foreign to most men. This is because most men want to control others, to take away their freedom. This is usually referred to as the drive for power. The drive for power is antithetical to freedom because power means the ability to control others. There is only one legitimate thing that power can and should be used for, whether it be military, legislative, or executive power. That is, to legalize freedom.

Ron Paul doesn’t want to be President to “give” me freedom. He doesn’t own my freedom and he didn’t give it to me. The only reason Ron Paul wants to be President is to stop punishing people for using their freedom that is rightfully theirs. He wants no power. This is clear to anyone who listens to him speak.

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