Do not trust Internet voting EVER!

There’s a new ad on some of the political and news web sites that calls itself  “Americans Elect” that claims it’s not a third party, BUT IT IS A “THIRD PARTY“. Liars, liars, pants on fires.

This is an ad-driven thing, not a grassroots insurgency like the Ron Paul campaign.

So I want to know, where did the money for all these purchased ads come from, WHO is paying for them? And how many layers does it have to pull back to see who is behind the curtain?

I have nothing against a third party, there are a lot of them that are better than the two monsters that presently are practically our masters. They’re getting another line on the ballot in different states, they’re claiming they will have all 50 states. They claim that Americans will directly participate and nominate their candidate of choice by the thousands in an “on-line convention” in June.

I’m a software engineer, and DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A MOMENT that anybody can “secure” a nominating or a voting process like that. A “printable receipt” is NOT a sufficient recourse for recounts for example, though the real masters of this “independent” process will claim it’s not necessary.

They’ll have a technical panel that will “guarantee” the security of the process.

I have worked on banking software, and they had more security than anybody else, and you trust it and I trust it with the ATM. But YOUR VOTE IS MUCH MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

And we all know how many banks have lost our data to cyber crackers.

Like some of the experts who have testified before Congress about electronic voting say, THERE IS NO PROTECTION –AT ALL, AT ALL– AGAINST THE ADMINISTRATORS OF THE SYSTEM.

No, when it comes to voting, there is no substitute for a hard copy of a vote in a physically secured location stored not in secret but openly and publicly where not just party representatives but anybody at all can watch.

Me, I have said for decades that the two-party political cartel that passes laws that keep its members in power and keeps other groups out is unfair and is unequal treatment under the law and keeps new alternatives out and the incumbent scoundrels in. It rigs the system to offer one of two party-boss selected candidates that do basically the same thing over the years. During administrations of both faces of this two-faced political system, the government has only grown, unconstitutional undeclared wars continue apace, nation-building by the military continues instead of self-defense, crony capitalism and phony welfare-ism only grows, the debt only multiplies, budget “cuts” are really budget increases that are less than original proposals, and the Federal Reserve continues to gush rivers of phony currency and manipulate the money supply and play whiplash with the economy and give us zig-zag recessions and lead us headlong toward monetary catastrophe.

Now we have an actual alternative emerging from the Republican Party nominating process, an upstart that embarrasses the big-money powers-that-be and party bosses, and has a chance to turn the country around.

Ron Paul has earned that trust. Trust is earned, not a “right”.

This new Internet party does not convince me. It has not earned my trust at all. I suspect it will be a media-driven thing that will be beholden to the architects that set it up. They are in the invisible background. Who is behind this thing, that kind of ad money did not come from a spontaneous grassroots thing!

I want to know, where did the official funding for all these purchased ads come from, and from whom, because by knowing what tree this new branch spouts from, we’ll know the rest.

Do NOT trust software or computer technicians, they are just as corruptible as anybody.


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