Electric cars and coal-fired generating plants

The electric cars on the road today require recharging from sources that get power grids that in national aggregate transmit power about half of which is generated in coal fired plants.

This was a point made by Thomas Sowell in his column:

The electric car efficiency issue was used to illustrate how to think past what we are told to think by the arrogant class that thinks of the rest of us as “the masses”.

The real issue is the forcing of dictates by a group upon everyone else, whether the group is any kind of minority or majority. If one wants to talk about adapting the ideas of the Declaration of Independence to modern times, then  “Consent of the governed” must be considered as applying to each individual person.

It’s time for what I call “Golden Rule Government”. The government should be bound by the same rules that bind our neighbors, and that bind us in our relationships to our neighbors. If no one should rob his neighbor or steal from him, then groups of neighbors should be equally constrained, whether they form a mob, a Mafia, or a monarchy, or oligarchy, or elected government.

This is why Ron Paul is the only one who is making sense out of the bunch of candidates for president.




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