Whose property is it? Yours or the states’?

Ron Paul says it pretty good:

Obama channeling Teddy Roosevelt‘s outrageous socialist pronouncement said it all. Everything you have belongs to the government, and you only deserve what they decide to let you keep.

That’s why Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto advocated the “progressive” income tax. It plants a subtle seed of thought in the public’s mind that it all belongs to the state.

They say “community”, the “people”, but it always turns out to be demagogue deciding who gets what. Dissidents get the wrong end of the stick.

You don’t even have to believe in God to understand this, although it should help, despite the unbelievers who use the name of God in vain to claim that we are supposed to steal from John Doe to give it to his neighbor.

So they suck blood from the arteries of the economy, and their plan is to buy off the poor with a few crumbs they give back to them, buy off the middle class with a few deductions and blathering about “millionaires” while they squeeze them dry, and buy off enough of the rich and corporate class with subsidies and regulations that make it harder for start-ups.

And since that makes it harder for the poor and pushes the middle class into poverty, they figure they have a bigger more receptive audience for their demagoguery.

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