Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

One of the Framers of the US Constitution –was it Thomas Jefferson?– said the tendency of government is to grow. People with a little bit of power tend to use all the power they got, and even the ones with good intentions see more good things they can do so they push for more power to that.

But it’s a death of a thousand cuts to freedom, because every time any government gets a little more power over the lives of its citizens, the citizens become more like its subjects instead of its sovereign as it should be. No matter the illusion of the slow incremental changes either; by the time most of the people realize what’s going on, it’s too late.

Besides some people prefer political and technical “experts” to do their thinking for them. That’s why they –we– don’t act up enough when attacks on liberty are underway.

The new battleground is the Internet. Before this new two-way medium came available, the top-down control over media by the military-industrial government-media complex was a pretty heavy grip, with talk radio of all stripes providing a spot of relief from the monotony of listening to the one-voice big-government political fodder we were supposed to buy into.

But when private industry got hold of the Internet and it came widely available, individuals that thought they were alone in their thinking began to find each other.

One result is that all of a sudden, many of us found that there were some voices all along that spoke the things we were already thinking and sometimes telling our friends and neighbors. Some of those things were spoken among groups with ugly ideas, but some were refreshing views on the world.

Ron Paul said he was genuinely surprised by the upswelling of great numbers of supporters that made him a credible candidate in 2008, despite the attempts by Big Corporate Media to ignore him.

And by 2011, they can no longer ignore him. They still try to ignore him all they can, they try to crimp his message, but it’s looking like in this case they cannot find one piece of dirt on him, because they would have uncovered it a long time ago. They’re in a bit of a quandary, I think, with him, because they’re running out of ways to stop him. Their only chance is to convince people that that he might not beat Obama, and Americans are so repulsed by the idea of more Obama that they may go with Herman Cain as the best hope for stopping the Obama administration‘s ongoing attack on America’s freedoms, who will only continue the failures of the same checkered-pants Republicans that are entrenched as the party bosses already.


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