Free Speech: Bloggers Under Fire in “Arab Spring” States

Free Speech: Bloggers Under Fire « Censorship in America:

This is an Arab “Spring”?

More like the Muslim Wall. Remember the Iron Curtain? Now a Muslim Wall is being built in Muslim-majority countries with the implicit help of a sinister alliance between the most hard-line of Islamists and the socialist internationalists.

Why did oodles of help come from big money-changers like George Soros for upheavals in Egypt, and why does the same big money join the new rulers in Egypt in the invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood to join the new regime?

And why do these new “enlightened” regimes make the Christians in their lands so very nervous?

As much as Reporters Without Borders blew it big time about Honduras and got the whole thing backwards, sometimes they are right and deserve to be encouraged in that direction. If they could just drop their left-wing blinders they could get a little bit more credibility.

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